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  1. V

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! :)
  2. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    Thank you Santa! Thanks so much!! Thank you!!! Thank you! :)
  3. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    Thank you Stan!! Thank you Shosh!! Thank you! Roses are my favorite! :) Thank you!!!
  4. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    Thank you so much!! Thank you Ruth!!
  5. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    I am... thank you!! :) Thanks Dennis!!
  6. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    Thank you so much Dee!!! Thank you Diana!! :)
  7. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    Thank you so much!! :)
  8. V

    BBW/BHM tattoos - who has one?

    Talk to fa_man_stan.... he has one that he got when he appeared on Miami Ink. His is really REALLY nice.... :)
  9. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    Thank you Dee!! :)
  10. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    LOL Spanky I have missed you! Thank you! Unfortunately my number isn't that low anymore, but I'll tell my age because I'm not ashamed of it! I'm 46 today! :happy: Business still stinks, but we're still here and hanging in. I'm hoping for a MUCH better 2010!! :confused: I want Chi...
  11. V

    Habby Pirthday, Santaclear!

    Happy shared birthday Santa! Have a great day!! :)
  12. V

    Happy Birthday, Violet_Beauregard!

    Thanks everyone! It's been a pretty good day so far... my bosses even let me choose where we have lunch! LOL :) Thanks so much for remembering me...
  13. V

    Lynette 'Sqeaky' Fromme will be released on parole Aug 16th

    I did read that she was in a hospital facilty, but they haven't said why. She got a life sentence. How is she able to get out? She was not paroled, as far as I know.
  14. V

    Does anyone want to start a Book group?

    Mer it was here in the lounge... maybe a year or so ago?? Hey, it can't hurt to try, and yes, count me in. And I'm sure Goofy will too. LOL That's a good idea Dee, if you can do it. I know when we did it before, we were told that they like to keep the stickies to a minimum and...
  15. V

    Does anyone want to start a Book group?

    I don't mean to throw cold water, but myself and Goofy Girl tried it... and it died. :) We set up two threads: a fiction and a non-fiction. People suggested books, we chose one and I think only a few people posted in each thread. We were going to do a new book in each category each month...
  16. V

    Fat and your identity

    I was an thin/average child up until puberty, then I began to get chubby. While in high school, I thought I was H-U-G-E. I look back now and clearly recall being weighed for gym class and having the teacher loudly say "160" and recording it. I was mortified because in my mind, I was gigantic...
  17. V

    Happy Birthday Risible

    Happy Birthday Dee!!! Hope you're having a great day!! :)
  18. V

    In Betweenies Unite!

    My feelings exactly. You make some VERY valid musings and definitely food for thought. I know Dimensions is all about fat-acceptance and size-acceptance... but I personally don't like to be defined by my size.... I prefer to be defined by the person that I am. Don't get me wrong... I like...
  19. V

    In Betweenies Unite!

    Another in-betweener here... And it all depends on who I'm speaking with. Nearly every FA I've had contact with, thinks that I'm "MUCH" too small and need to gain at least 50+ pounds. My boyfriends keeps telling me that I'm not as big as I think I am, and he loves me just the way I am. (Yay...
  20. V

    BBW Roll Call: Ladies, Represent!

    Name: Christine Age: 45, will be 46 in December Location: Ohio Profession: Office Manager for a dying industrial supplier. LOL Hobbies: computers, internet, desk top publishing, crafting, travel, reading, TV, movies Likes: my sweetie Michael, going out to dinner, shopping...