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  1. docilej

    Article "I Gained 70 Pounds During COVID. Here's What Happened On My First Day Back In The Office

    Her filling out that " Personal Essay" T-shirt? Wow!!! :)
  2. docilej

    Explain your screen name

    Thought of mine while thinking about relationships and how l like the woman (BBWs) being in charge. ("j" being my first initial)
  3. docilej

    wearing jeans under or over belly?

    For women l like the thought of them in dresses (no jeans/panties).... just all that goodness free underneath just a skirt or sundress.
  4. docilej

    What are you happy about today?

    I'm just 2000 days away from retirement!!!!
  5. docilej

    In a perfect utopia, how big would you be?

    I'm 165lbs. Double my weight...as long as certain body parts also double in size too...if you know what l mean ;)
  6. docilej

    How much heavier than yourself is your partner or how much heavier are you?

    When l was married my ex was 300lbs+/5'2". I'm a 55yo, 6 footer @ 165lbs. /...any ladies in central CT? Drop me a note/
  7. docilej

    The unofficial Dad Joke Thread

    What does a sprinter have for breakfast? --- Nothing. He fasts.
  8. docilej

    Your favorite fat photos from the internet.

    FLR = Female Led Relationship
  9. docilej

    Your favorite fat photos from the internet.

    BBW + FLR relationship = pure awesomeness !!!
  10. docilej


    This thread would be so much better with accompanying pics!
  11. docilej

    A serious question for the ladies about huge breasts

    l am attracted to women with very large breasts. But to find a woman like that is near impossible. They are very far and few in between. And almost all are already involved with someone. -sigh-
  12. docilej

    Belly library (men/women)

    Wow.....looking good !! 🙂
  13. docilej

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    summer night at the fire pit
  14. docilej

    What is your weight right now?

    6'/165lbs. Not sure if the women of this site would be down to that...or if they were with someone of my "stature" they would be trying to fatten me up 🤔
  15. docilej

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    Please post more like minded gif's please!!! :)
  16. docilej

    A serious question for the ladies about huge breasts

    gedjt1.... I feel the same way you do...but l have no luck finding big breasted women in my area. What is the " go to" dating site where l can look?
  17. docilej

    Belly library (men/women)

    ...beautiful photos :) ....more please
  18. docilej

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    How to make holy water? ---gotta boil the hell out of it !
  19. docilej

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    The "Weiner " documentary. 9/10...it's like you're in the room when his world came crashing down!! Wild!
  20. docilej

    funny named towns

    Belchertown, MA (usa)