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  1. J

    BBW Jessica Steps Up (SSBBW, ~WG, Stuffing, ~Sex)

    Absolutely incredible.
  2. J

    "What ever happened to..."

    No. It's here. https://www.facebook.com/nicole.james.7311
  3. J

    "What ever happened to..."

    No, that doesn't look right. Like someone just took her pictures and reuploaded them. Her facebook page is still up, but hasn't been updated since July 3.
  4. J

    RIP Debi PrettyFatGirl4U

    I didn't know her either, but very sorry. My thoughts are with her family and friends.
  5. J

    "What ever happened to..."

  6. J

    "What ever happened to..."

    Thanks for letting me know. At least she's still alive. But yeah, Blackspots may be right that she's taking a break.
  7. J

    "What ever happened to..."

    Her site hasn't been updated in months, and she's been silent on Twitter since November. Does anyone know if she's okay?
  8. J

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    Yeah, I can't deny that is kind of disturbing.
  9. J

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    Well, maybe she's just got a different way of metabolizing/storing that fat.
  10. J

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    Just learned about this woman recently. Monica Riley weighs 700 lbs and is hoping to get up to 1000, to the point where she's immobile. anyone else seen this story? Also, it says she's a model, but I haven't found any information about her site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8HDFAu6Z3A
  11. J

    Ideal size for a BBW?

    If we're talking about personal fantasy ideals, then mine would definitely go beyond hyper obese, women in at least the 700-800 lb range or above (body styles similar to Suzanne Eman, Mz. Fluff. Though I know this is unlikely given the health risks at such a size.