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  1. Krissy12

    No Fat Criminals

    "You've been hit by, you've been struck by....a fat criminal" /Couldn't help myself
  2. Krissy12

    More to Love TV Show

    Nope, not gonna watch it. I seriously doubt they are going to make it look "normal". I suspect they will focus most of the attention on the fact that these are "real" women. (as they put it in the promo). I don't agree with using that term anyway..all women are "real". I'd put this one in...
  3. Krissy12

    Sexy summer pics!!

    Amazing pic, BDog! Where was that taken?
  4. Krissy12

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    Someone run out and get me a boy so I can post cute pics! Everyone looks so much in love and totally adorable!
  5. Krissy12

    *Grandi Floras Daily Trivia Game* Part 1

    Smoked your ass today, Bob dear. :)
  6. Krissy12

    *Grandi Floras Daily Trivia Game* Part 1

    Taking down my man with 42 seconds. BooYa, baby!! (Sorry, I usually get my ass kicked) ;)
  7. Krissy12

    Secrets 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Is no one freaked out that so many people like the taste of human blood? I see all the time in movies and television, people pricking their finger and immediately putting it in their mouths, which grosses me out. Why do they do that?? You wouldn't cut your arm open a couple of inches and then...
  8. Krissy12

    Why People Have Sex: It Feels Good

    I thought all men heard was "....sex...you" You give them too much credit. :P Yes, I only have sex to control men...just as I only have orgasms to control my female hysteria.
  9. Krissy12

    Today is Caturday

    What the hell IS that thing? lol I can't wrap my brain around where the head? tail? are.
  10. Krissy12

    Drive Thru Gourment: The Baconator

    I've actually had the Baconator and it wasn't very good, in my opinion. The bacon was seriously limp and the ketchup on top of the bacon wasn't a good combo for me. I'll stick with my Jr. bacon cheeseburgers. :)
  11. Krissy12

    *Grandi Floras Daily Trivia Game* Part 1

    Wow, I'm first right now...Give it a few minutes though. ;P
  12. Krissy12

    *Grandi Floras Daily Trivia Game* Part 1

    If Bob gets to go to England, then I do too. And we all know that wouldn't be good. :P /It'd be fantastic!!!! ;)
  13. Krissy12

    Mo'Nique & Big Body Paint

    I think they managed at least four fat jokes in that blurb. Way to go! :rolleyes: I love Monique and I think they're beautiful. That would be a good Dimensions calendar idea. :)
  14. Krissy12

    *Grandi Floras Daily Trivia Game* Part 1

    Calculating your score.. Questions correct: 9 / 10 You took 81 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 819 You earned 9 FunTrivia Bucks! (will be awarded tonight when final scores are set) I changed my answer on one at the last second and I was correct the first time..son of a..grrrrr
  15. Krissy12

    good news and bad news...

    How great for you two! First, let me say, he has great taste in flowers..I think he and my S.O. shop at the same place. :p I wish you both the absolute best in life and a very happy future together!
  16. Krissy12

    underwear check!

    I'm wearing some lovely panties and tank set that my sweetie bought me. :)
  17. Krissy12

    *Grandi Floras Daily Trivia Game* Part 1

    Calculating your score.. Questions correct: 10 / 10 You took 114 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 886 You earned 10 FunTrivia Bucks! (will be awarded tonight when final scores are set)
  18. Krissy12

    am i in or not?

    Great update, you're definitely chubby now..in my opinion. I bet your gf likes to play with your belly. :)
  19. Krissy12

    Would you be willing to change for your SO?

    In other news, guess who's buying me a membership to the clubhouse? :D I think my S.O. would change the fact that he thinks I stalk him. Is it that horrible that I want to read what he writes, since I think he's one of the most intelligent and witty men I've ever known?
  20. Krissy12


    Personality is key, since looks fade. BUT, physical attraction has to be there. That doesn't mean that you would initially find them attractive, since the longer we get to know someone who stimulates us mentally..the more beautiful of a person they can become. If I find someone who I feel is...