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  1. tonberryking

    The BBW story push

    the entire story section of the forum seems vacant and has seemed that way for months so eh.
  2. tonberryking

    Looking "Favorite jeans" story?

    there was this story about a mother who had a daughter that wore her old pair of favorite jeans from back when she was in highschool. this made the mother jealous and secretely started fattening the daughter up whilst she lost weight and eventually was able to fit back into said jeans while...
  3. tonberryking

    Why no strories of black people? Request/challenge

    i'd love to read a story about nicki minaj gaining a lot of weight :smitten:
  4. tonberryking

    Chelsey's Hypothermia - by KittyD7015 (~BBW, Eating, ~SWG)

    The following day Leslie found her daughter in some of her mum's old boyfriend's sweatpants, which looked painful, as they were very tight from the waist to her mid-thigh but then very long and bunched up around her ankles as he as quite a bit taller than Chelsea. To make matters serious...
  5. tonberryking

    Chelsey's Hypothermia - by KittyD7015 (~BBW, Eating, ~SWG)

    (Thought I would give this a shot? Never wrote a story before. I'll give Chelsea's mom a name, since she didn't have one, how about Leslie?) Chelsea's mum leaned against the kitchen counter tapping a pen on a notepad with her forehead wrinkled, a worried look had crept across her face...
  6. tonberryking

    Chelsey's Hypothermia - by KittyD7015 (~BBW, Eating, ~SWG)

    word?? lol ok i will give it a shot :happy: i'll need a bit of time i've never done this
  7. tonberryking

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    i'm looking forward to more chapters =D
  8. tonberryking

    The Donut Coupon - SSBBW, XXWG

    a bodily description would be nice to have now for colleen! compare her to kimmie's small frame please. a good point of reference
  9. tonberryking

    The Ladder of Success (BBW `MWG)

    great story- this reminds me of an old one from the library where this woman got laid off and met with the same results. this story is better written though. it'd be nice to introduce another character for her to interact with, like a sister or old college buddy to be shocked at the apparent...
  10. tonberryking

    The Doctor

    when you added a male into the story you lost me.
  11. tonberryking

    The Donut Coupon - SSBBW, XXWG

    wow this is shaping up to be an amazing story :)
  12. tonberryking

    The Donut Coupon - SSBBW, XXWG

    cant wait for more chapters to this one