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  1. joey86

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    I'm happy that today is my last day of work for 4 days, I decided to return to this great site and I have alot to be happy about.
  2. joey86

    Is feederism still popular?

    Yeah I think it's getting more and more popular... Which is great! Obviously ;).
  3. joey86

    Huge is better!

    Burgers in the UK are so small... You Americans have it so good!
  4. joey86

    What to you think about furniture breaking?

    Well I do find it a turn on... But then I find everything fat related a turn on �� �� but yes if the girl wasn't a feedee or into being fat, then yes I can imagine it being very upsetting.
  5. joey86

    Fed up with adverts on deviantart!!!!

    I'm using a Sony experia, will have to see if I can change the settings, hate this phone, moaned like hell about my iPhone and it was 10 times better than this one! Grrr
  6. joey86

    Fed up with adverts on deviantart!!!!

    Evening all, Although there are some great stories here... I normally go to deviantart. However recently every time you click something a junkmall advert will appear! It's driving me mental! Any other good story sites?
  7. joey86

    Feederism Today

    Yeah I think your right, things seem to be accepted alot more now... Which is great... Better than 15 years ago ;)
  8. joey86

    Yes it is! :)

    Yes it is! :)
  9. joey86

    2015 Singles Party :) (otherwise known as the Singles Thread)

    So will there be a 2016 party? Looks like I'm joining it :(
  10. joey86

    He says the nicest things.

    I haven't had a nice comment or morale booster for a while... However I do get 'that look' from various people when I'm out, shame there all 5.2" and 130lbs! But makes me think, just maybe, this old dog still has it!
  11. joey86

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    After the absolutely awful 4 months I've had... you would not believe what I have been through! You could not make it up! However, I'm happy my house purchase is going through ok, I've got a new job with a big pay rise and after my BMW was written off I picked up my new Mercedes today :)
  12. joey86

    Thanks for the get well message, feeling a lot better :)

    Thanks for the get well message, feeling a lot better :)
  13. joey86

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    Now I like almost any type of music... Rock, pop, euro dance etc... However I was (and still am) a 2000's raver, done Ibiza and been to foreign clubs more times than I can remember. But I found this spectacular peace of music on YouTube. It's the BBC orchestra playing one of my all time...
  14. joey86

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Yeah I'm fine thanks everyone :)... Nice to see you all again!
  15. joey86

    What Are You Watching Right Now?

    Black adder goes forth! ;)
  16. joey86

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Sorry everyone I haven't been on for ages! But I had a car accident and I'm going to be at home for a few days :( bored out of my mind!
  17. joey86

    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    As a feeder im glad this thread has been bumped :) lets hope more people come out to play!
  18. joey86

    Things a Feeder would need...

    Great comments peeps :)
  19. joey86

    Things a Feeder would need...

    Liking your answer TAD :).
  20. joey86

    Things a Feeder would need...

    Inspired by the 'food/feedee amazon wish list thread' I thought I would ask a few questions on what a feeder would need... What do you feedees out there look for in a feeder? What prefferences do you have regarding home life? For me some of the things I can see needing (apart from a huge...
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