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  1. A

    This is how all bbws and ssbbws feel about me

    You mean we all don’t get what we desire? I want to speak with the manager.
  2. A

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    So this is a new account and name. Posted a few times and rarely lurked with this new me,until a few weeks ago. My old name, in part, rhymed with flossy.
  3. A

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    I was referring to the men who pay. I don't care if they don't get what's promised.
  4. A

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    I hope she cashed in at least a little. The mostly men who love the idea of women getting fatter and fatter, to the point of severe issues, should be conned, every minute of every day.
  5. A

    BBW Confessions thread

    Congratulations to her ! :)
  6. A

    BBW Confessions thread

    The number of men in here is crazy. I came back after a long absence. Gross.
  7. A

    The most heaviest case of Lipedemia ever known.

    Her biggest fear is becoming immobile and that the disease progresses so much that she loses her life. But she's just a commodity here ?
  8. A


    Imagine if something bad happened to her. The lack of new pictures of her will be devastating for you. :(
  9. A

    Art and Politics!

    Ovaries of steel. Walls of triumphant labia ! :bow:
  10. A

    Patty Sanchez, drops 200+ pounds and gets rid of feeder boyfriend.

    How absolutely wonderful for her. It's very unsavory that there are those in this thread who feel a need to beat their chests about a dead woman.
  11. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    Connie Francis wrote your theme song ~ Where The Boys Are.
  12. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    I was referring to those who came down with this when a few fat women said they don't accept silence. It is the cousin to the attitude that if you speak out against one thing, you really shouldn't, because there are always worse things happening on the planet.
  13. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    The OP said that while he can't relate as a fat person, he can relate as someone who desires fat women. These two things are not at all alike. Someone who likes fat people, unless they too are fat, feels some frustration and won't have as many people high-fiving them, but it is miles away...
  14. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    It's not mean and nasty to understand that while this one person started the thread about an individual experience, the big picture is not one of individuals. That is very important to remember, otherwise it is an exercise in navel gazing and simply wanting " support ". While every person's...
  15. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    We're not friends. We are two random people on a message forum. I am someone who obviously disagrees with you and with some of what the OP has said. The OP did thank those who reassured him. A few other fat women had other things to say. We all can't have your charm.
  16. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    I never said I was a good little fat woman. I don't support him.
  17. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    You missed the part where I was giving him what he was looking for when he started this thread. It has morphed - mmmmm, morphing - into a parade for different people take different action or non-action, which is just a little odd since the OP already had in mind what they wanted from other...
  18. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    Isn't the whole thing about picking and choosing your battles kind of up to the individual ? Much more is being said when those words come out. I think I will give the OP what he was looking for, but couldn't just straight out ask. You were correct in creating a thread to tell the world...
  19. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    Imaginations are great.
  20. A

    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    Ostracized is a ridiculous word to use here. I think the slender man will be just fine. Fat people can go on enjoying these stories about how upset someone is, until they are not, and give only the words wanted from the outset. " You can't fairly characterize... ". Yes, yes I can. Save your...