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  1. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    You're hateful towards my kind then post a link to a hate site you think is unbiased. Don't give me that. LOL You're ridiculous and I've wasted enough energy on someone who doesn't matter. [this post has been modslapped.]
  2. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    I'm not here to coddle you. You either take it or leave it.
  3. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

  4. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    Craig Bodeker is actually a filmmaker who lives in liberal Colorado. LOL Talk about making assumptions. Then again you sound like you suffer from cognitive dissonance among all your other mental issues. [this post has been modslapped.]
  5. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    Aurora was Jewish and it was psy ops. The PP one is on the fence. My friend carried concealed in a movie theater and wouldn't you know that NO ONE got shot?!?!?!? He said his gun was a good gun and didn't once misbehave. There needs to be no gun control laws. The only thing anyone needs to...
  6. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    I think y'all need to watch some Craig Bodeker. LOL Then maybe read March of the Titans.
  7. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    The majority of those mass shooters have been Jewish. Jews are not white. They are Sephardic and Ashkenazi. They come from a mixed region and were historically known as Khazars. The fact Leiahuwhatever her/his name is thinks with such paranoia is sad. Frankly, if I was to go ape shit on...
  8. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    It's the fierce conservative white women you really need to watch out for.
  9. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    Why the hell are you so anti-white? The fact that we live in a country where you can be so foul mouthed and hateful at the same time I'm buying high capacity pistols is a good thing. Look at Europe right now and see how well their progressive nature of dearming civilians is going. Do you want...
  10. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    I can't recall what my friend has his chambered at for his 1911. All my guy friends are huge gun enthusiasts, so I retain about a 1/3 of what they say. Lol Yes a .45 is slow and heavy. Maybe why I like it so much. I'd definitely go with hollow points too. I like your concealed weapon. A high...
  11. pagan22

    What are you happy about today?

    About to put my feet up and go to bed. I always snuggle with my dog, so that makes me happy. :)
  12. pagan22

    Why I Want a Gun

    To the OP: Look at getting a Glock. Yes the grip can be cumbersome as it is rectangular and takes getting used to. The gun is light and will make for a good concealed weapon. I'm currently looking at getting the new Ruger American pistol which comes in 9mm or .45. I want the .45 as I want...
  13. pagan22

    Who do you want for president 2016?

    I had always wished for a Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan team, but that'll never happen.
  14. pagan22

    What Are You Watching Right Now?

    How are you liking this season? I haven't watched it yet but I just did finish Freakshow.
  15. pagan22

    Fat Cruise for Dims

    I've been off this site since last January and so I didn't know anything about all the changes. I hope the shift doesn't ruin this forum as I enjoy reading it. Just rarely post. I'd love to see people organize a Dims bash again so I can actually attend! A cruise or whatever. I'm so there. I...
  16. pagan22

    Anyone from Alabama?

    I'm a damn Yankee in Troy. I travel due to my job, but I'm up to meet people. Nowhere is too far from me if anyone wants to meet up.
  17. pagan22

    Giving up smoking.... and struggling

    Congrats on quitting. I'm a trucker and I quit cold turkey over a year and a half ago. I was driving down the road when I realized it wasn't fun anymore and I didn't enjoy it. I threw out my lighters and 2 new packs and never looked back. I suffered two major cravings and replaced it with...
  18. pagan22

    What Are You Watching Right Now?

    I've been working through American Horror Story Freakshow. It's funny, but Coven was the best so far.
  19. pagan22

    What book are you reading right now?

    I'm often reading a lot of books at once, but the one I cracked open today is #11 in the young adult House of Night series. It's not written well and the character development sucks. I hate the heroine. Lol But the story itself is fresh and I'm enjoying that.
  20. pagan22

    Swim suits

    Beautiful suit!!! I found a pink and white swim dress at Romans, but no pics of me in it. I've only been able to use it twice since buying it last year.