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  1. sowhat

    What is your weight right now?

  2. sowhat

    What is your weight right now?

    Up to 244.
  3. sowhat

    What is your weight right now?

  4. sowhat

    What is your weight right now?

  5. sowhat

    What is your weight right now?

  6. sowhat

    What is your weight right now?

    224, I had pneumonia but back on track
  7. sowhat

    Reintroduce yourselves!

    Weird, I'm 30 now, and 70 pounds heavier. The rest is still true lol.
  8. sowhat

    What is your weight right now?

    216. Working towards my goal for my first active gaining of 230.
  9. sowhat

    What do you smell like?

    I have a side job now at a department store selling fragrances and cosmetics(its a ton of fun doing my hobby for money). I often reek of a hodgepodge of fragrances, but today I wore Calvin Klein Euphoria.
  10. sowhat

    Where Are The Women That Fancy BBW/SSBBW?

    I can't believe I never posted in this thread. Well, I'm 5'9" and about 145lbs and I'll date anyone I'm attracted to emotionally. I do fancy BBW though.
  11. sowhat

    Fabulous GLBTQ Confessions Thread

    I haven't posted on dims forums for a while, so I thought to give an update. I'm getting FFS, and likely BAS, in early April! I'm getting my brow bone, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, jaw and neck(lift) done. I'm a bit more asymmetric on my chest than I'd like (left is 1/2+ cup bigger) so I'm...
  12. sowhat

    What the hell am I?

    I know my sexuality seems to be constantly evolving, there seems to be core stuff I like, but I'm not huge on labels at all. If I were to be, I'd be a transsexual female monogamous bisexual bondage liking submissive masochist. I know I'm missing a lot of labels because that only describes a...
  13. sowhat

    Human immortality could be here in 30 years

    People suck enough trying to drive in the xy-plane. Introducing the z axis wouldn't help things.
  14. sowhat

    Fabulous GLBTQ Confessions Thread

    Thanks! I went to pride and had fun. It rained about half way through and I left, but still a neat thing for us sheltered midwestern americans. The consult went well and I am going to be spending what I'd call a s***load of cash there. The time with the doctor was good, but the two...
  15. sowhat

    Fabulous GLBTQ Confessions Thread

    Pride is this coming weekend in my town. Going to go to that and hopefully have some fun. Last year I unintentionally attended because I went to a restaurant in that area and found out about it. Not this weekend but next I'm going for a surgical consult for FFS. I have all the money, so once...
  16. sowhat

    The Picture Thread

    That picture is cute and funny. Cute moment with your GF. Funny as I did enjoy the 'F*** this guy' sign.
  17. sowhat

    Fabulous GLBTQ Confessions Thread

    +another1. I've been in this spot too before. It's rough and if you need someone to chat with, I'm more than willing.
  18. sowhat


    Woohoo! It won't make things great, but it's a step in the right direction: EEOC ruling that gender-identity discrimination is covered by Title VII...
  19. sowhat


    Chasers creep me out. I don't want my penis to be what they're interested in. There are overt chasers who'll act like Alicia stated, and there are chasers that take a while to see who they are. I want that girl or guy who isn't excited about me being trans, but can deal with it. This is hard...
  20. sowhat


    Detransition is not an option. I work a lot and need to get more involved with non work stuff. I have looked into local lgbt stuff and I am going to try to do some volunteering. There are, but I don't really have issues so muc around my GID, so I think that's why I've avoided them. I am...