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  1. bigdaddyj112419

    Guys in Formal Wear.

    This pic of my wife and I was taken at a friend of mine wedding. ;)
  2. bigdaddyj112419

    Riding my ATV

    Hope you all like this belly shot. It was a real thrill letting it all hang out, while riding out on the back forty.
  3. bigdaddyj112419

    belly rubs?

    You have a deffinate fan here. It turns me on SOOOO much to have my belly rubbed and touched and worshipped, MMMMMMM. I wish more women were like you.
  4. bigdaddyj112419

    Belly to Back

    WOW I love doing that with my wife, it is a great way to get things started.
  5. bigdaddyj112419

    Electra Summers BBWLOVE.com

    I know I will miss her, she was a totally sexy BBW. First woman on the net to turn me on to the wold of BBW. Wish I still had her pics but my PC crashed and i lost them ALL :mad: If anyone out there has pics of her that would be willing to share please let me know. Thanks...
  6. bigdaddyj112419

    lets talk about sex

    OK here is my take on it. Admittedly I am attracted to big people in general too. You could say I am bi, but I have absolutely no attraction to thin or athletic men. I am attracted to all kinds of women, but I prefer BBW's and Large men just seem to have this allure to them too. I think it is...
  7. bigdaddyj112419

    Okay it's a touchy and possibly controversial subject...

    Well I guess I could share too, but we prefer to keep our vids to ourselves. ;) I am sure though that there are a few BHM's out there that might be willing to be the first big star. You are right though it will take one or more FFA's to work with him, straing or directing in order for it to be...
  8. bigdaddyj112419

    Okay it's a touchy and possibly controversial subject...

    Tiffany Cushinberry and her husband are a BBW/BHM couple who have a website that posts on here. Her hubby is supposed to have his own site out soon. http://www.bbwpleasuredome.com/welcome.htm
  9. bigdaddyj112419

    Okay it's a touchy and possibly controversial subject...

    I have this one and it is OK. There is just too much focus on the skinny porno stars and not enough on the fat on fat sex going on in the background. Besides there are many more on-line models who would do alot better in videos.
  10. bigdaddyj112419

    Okay it's a touchy and possibly controversial subject...

    I would have to agree, something like that would be very hot. But until more FA's come out and let the industry know they want to see it, it will remain too taboo of a thing to make.
  11. bigdaddyj112419

    My belly and her hands on it (pic)

    The two of you make a very HOT couple. Something about that picture of you two hugging topless is very erotic. I think it is the contrasts the two of you have, him being very large and pale skinned and her being very trim and tan. You both are very lucky to have found eachother.
  12. bigdaddyj112419

    Boxer Briefs

    What do you girls like: breifs, boxers, boxer briefs, high cuts or nothing?
  13. bigdaddyj112419

    New to the board!

    Welcome Brandi, I hope you enjoy the boards. Guess I'll help out the guys and ask the big question. What are you looking for in a big sexy man? ;)
  14. bigdaddyj112419

    Finally, I am a member of the forums

    Welcome! Good to see another married BHM on here.
  15. bigdaddyj112419

    Be a model for Laura's anime art!

    I would love to help out!
  16. bigdaddyj112419

    2 bbw voyeurs with nowhere to go...

    Well not all swingers are skinny people. I happen to know a few couples that are both BHM and BBW and even more who are BHM or BBW. Check them out. There may even be a yahoo group in your area.
  17. bigdaddyj112419

    Still Kinda New Here

    Thought I would post a pic for you girls, hope you like it. :)
  18. bigdaddyj112419

    2 bbw voyeurs with nowhere to go...

    That is very true, it is more of the performance than the act itself. Seeing two people of size enjoying eachother is an intense act.
  19. bigdaddyj112419

    2 bbw voyeurs with nowhere to go...

    Wow a rare find not many women who like to watch like to BE watched. Does being watched turn you on?
  20. bigdaddyj112419

    People Watching

    WOW never expected to start such a heated debate. Just for the record though, I would NEVER do anything to disrespect my wife. She knows my taste in women and appreciates it. Being a BBW herself she knows how it feels to have another man notice her.