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  1. Isa

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Just popping into the site to say hello and shake the dust off!
  2. Isa

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Wow, what an update! Sounds lovely!
  3. Isa

    Sleeve gastrectomy

    Hope everything went well. When you feel up to it, please let us know how you are doing.
  4. Isa

    Sleeve gastrectomy

    What are you looking for? Information? Support? I can point you in the direction of some sites and groups that I used pre and post op.
  5. Isa

    Cheetos Museum

    I eat them too fast to notice any shapes! :)
  6. Isa

    You Know You Love 'Em - Political Pics and Jokes Thread Reloaded!

    You could not make up this level of hypocrisy!
  7. Isa

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    That is cool and the sleeping koala so cute! :)
  8. Isa

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Oooh, I wanted to attend so badly but none of my buds would go with me! We need a jealous smiley. :)
  9. Isa

    Univ. of Oklahoma severs ties with frat after racist chant

    As per the link below, def not an isolated incident. Most are just smart enough not to get caught on video performing it. Also considering SAE was founded at the University of Alabama, I'd say the song is probably one of their official, unofficial anthems...
  10. Isa

    Wls sadness

    Most, no, but this certainly exists and has been discussed elsewhere on the forum before.
  11. Isa

    Wls sadness

    Joking aside, your husband obviously loves you and not just your size/weight which unfortunately is not always the case for fat women. One's health should always come first to a spouse/SO, anything else is not real love.
  12. Isa


    LOL, this hasn't been a community in quite some time. Even though it once was, DIM has pretty much been about porn/guys getting off for years now. Those that cannot admit this are really doing themselves a disservice. Having said that, the constant changes without any info behind them are...
  13. Isa

    Tall guys: Please post pix kthnxbye

    Thanks for bringing this thread back to life. Hopefully some tall drinks of water out there will take the bait and start posting again. It has been dormant for way too long!
  14. Isa

    Hula Hooping

    I love Hula Hooping! From what I have researched on hoop size, while standing up it needs to hit you at/near the waist. I have never found one large enough in regular stores and ended up purchasing one from a sports store for $19.99. It weighs 3 lbs which is great. I strongly suggest looking...
  15. Isa

    All of Me airs Monday night

    Wonderful post Tracy. Everyone has to learn what their breaking point is. All of this bait and switch bs is exactly that, bs. In the end, true love is more than size and weight, thankfully you have a partner who knows that. All women, fat or thin, should be so lucky. More power to you and...
  16. Isa

    Girl Scout cookies

    A co-worker has promised to have an order form in office on Tuesday. We are all waiting patiently to place orders for our yearly fix.
  17. Isa


    Jill Ireland
  18. Isa

    dating in your mid 40s

    I have no idea how to do the dating in the mid 40's thing. Seriously.
  19. Isa


    Glengarry Glen Ross
  20. Isa

    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    There is also a fair amount of truth in this thread that a lot of people, especially those who play the "fat is always wonderful" card, will never admit to.