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  1. BigIzzy

    funny named towns

    I hail from a small town in Michigan called Bad Axe
  2. BigIzzy

    Are these enough...

    well, I'm sorry bhm on a bhm board offended you, very sorry.
  3. BigIzzy

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    Nothing better than a good kinky spanking!
  4. BigIzzy

    Are these enough...

    Howdy Ya'll!
  5. BigIzzy

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    HOLY CRAP, is that grandma on the nude beach?!
  6. BigIzzy

    post something good about where you live

    Here in Michigan, if you don't like today's weather, just wait for tomorrow! *for example, today it's 35 and meagerly sunny, tomorrow it's 50 and sunny, and Tuesday it's gonna be 58 and cloudy. A twenty degree swing in two days.
  7. BigIzzy

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    We're takin' on water Captain Schnitzel!!
  8. BigIzzy

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Does this count as a Halloween Cowboy costume?:rolleyes:
  9. BigIzzy

    Fun Pictures That Make You Giggle

    me, I just break into song. yaaa, that one.
  10. BigIzzy

    Before And After!!!

    Gorgeous!! A Very Sexy Lady!:smitten:
  11. BigIzzy

    New to Dims with Love from PDX

    Hello gorgeous! Welcome to the boards!:D
  12. BigIzzy

    Ladies Post Cute Pics of Yourself (Round 2)

    "Enjoy.......try not to fap too hard boys XD lmfao" ummmm, too late!:bow:
  13. BigIzzy

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Way to go Ronin, Be good to Venom! But don't do anything the rest of us wouldn't do!
  14. BigIzzy

    FFAs wearing their BHM's clothing!

    chris, dude, that your my adorable doofus comment, I didn't know whether to roll around on the floor laughing, or go awwww out load.:doh: lol Now if only I had someone to be a doofus with!:rolleyes:
  15. BigIzzy

    Where are the Skinny FFAs at?

    coriander's profile mentions expanding her mind, I'd guess the curiosity thing. On a side note related to the thread, she looks quite fetching!:wubu:
  16. BigIzzy

    Are these enough...

    did somebody say naked pics!?:D I think I'm an addicted exhibitionist? lol
  17. BigIzzy

    anyone from the michigan area

    I agree, we michiganders, and those from nearby, should definitely get together!
  18. BigIzzy

    Are these enough...

    Nope, I'm saying that I happened to be checking my mail that accrued after a few days and happened to get an email about somebody posting something, and just didn't ignore it.
  19. BigIzzy

    Are these enough...

    :doh:Maybe thats why its been so long, or why I forgot so much about posting here, either way, it's hard to resist a nice lady asking to see more pics of you so they can perv on them!:D lol:rolleyes:
  20. BigIzzy

    New lady here :d

    Well, Its nice to see ya here! I must say, that if you didn't lose any weight, You'd be fine! You're Gorgeous!!!:wubu: