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  1. Caleb

    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    Oh god yes! I dreamed of that cheerleader falling on me!
  2. Caleb

    Dimensions Chatroom/ Messenger

    That’s true (sorry jumping on this as I just stated a thread about the old chat group). We could always ask admin?
  3. Caleb

    Chat rooms

    It was a bunch of people with private chats rooms too - very basic, but good fun.
  4. Caleb

    Chat rooms

    I'd love it if Dims could have a chat room again.
  5. Caleb

    share ur fantasies

    Ha! Read my fiction! It’s all there!
  6. Caleb

    Female Fat Padding

    Not a woman but do hope you find more women who can relate. I do pad though and your description of how you pad is very helpful. I wish there was a group on here where all of us padders could share tips and photos of our padding suits too. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Caleb

    Headaches and blurred vision; any ideas?

    Hey Loopy, sorry to hear about your head issues. If it persists I would push back at the GPs and demand to be reassessed - I love the NHS but sometimes you have to demand to be looked at again. Not in an angry way of course, but sometimes you need to let them know if something is causing you...
  8. Caleb


    Wow, just discovered this conversation. I’ve been padding since I was a teen. Started with cushions. Recently I bought some wubble bubbles but found them very difficult to manage especially with water they were far too heavy and I can’t shape them correctly. I’ve also tried an XL morph suit...
  9. Caleb

    New Art film about size acceptance

    I really liked your film - very creative editing!
  10. Caleb

    Changes to the Library Boards

    Can I please opt in
  11. Caleb

    BOTH Strange Magic

    Great story!
  12. Caleb


    Hi Jake, I’m a huge fan of your stories and would love to help you illustrate them (and future ones). I have mostly dealt with morphs - you can see them here or on my deviantart profile ‘pauloraulo’. But I illustrate for a living so would love to collaborate. Send me a private message and we can...
  13. Caleb

    Looking for a story called marriage counseling

    I just saw these posts. Thank you! Means a lot.
  14. Caleb

    Ideas for next story

    I'm a big fan of your stuff and I know you're looking for new ideas and feedback but I'd love to see an ending to The Return - it's one of my favourite stories and I always wanted to read another chapter of that. Sorry, I know what it's like to try to go back to a story you might feel done with...
  15. Caleb

    Late Night - by Jake (JMJ) - (~BBW (multiple), magic, ~SWG)

    Lust and Jake, I feel like I know you two. You've inspired my writing and when I read yours I know exactly what it is you love about this kind of genre. Thank you both so much for the stories you write!
  16. Caleb

    The Excess of Catwoman by PoorP ~BBW, ~XWG

    One of the best stories I've encountered - purely because of my love of the characters and then thinking "why has no one done this before???" You should totally finish this off with the sex scene it's craving!
  17. Caleb

    Takumi's Valentine's - Audio WG story

    I've tried this, to little joy, but good luck... www.bbwaudiostories.com
  18. Caleb

    Before And After!!!

    I think I have a new crush :) You look simply beautiful!
  19. Caleb

    Geeky Girls Weight Gain - by Da Games Elite (~BBW, Imagery, Feeding, ~MWG )

    I've not read this story yet (just about to), but I think it has possibly one of the best titles ever!
  20. Caleb

    Fun Size - by Feedthelady (~BBW, ~~WG, Fantasy, Flatulence)

    Fun Size Part 3 by Caleb/FeedTheLady "Jeez, what happened to you, girl?" Brigit slowly opened her eyes and happened upon her best friend's sorrowful expression. "You look as skinny as a rake! When was the last time you ate?" Brigit turned her head towards the mirror, but found it was...