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  1. SSBBW Oni

    BBW/SSBBW in mythology

    The yokai known as the Nebutori, is a women that gained weight when sleeping, emitting thunderous snoring. what other BBw/SSBBW mythical creatures are there that you know or heard of
  2. SSBBW Oni

    700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

    i think she quiet and is losing the weight?
  3. SSBBW Oni

    Way to piss me off.. Wii ad

    yeah, that is really tasteless Why is it always the 'fat girl' as the joke? its tiresome and annoying
  4. SSBBW Oni

    37 is pretty young to die.

    i noticed that to...a long effing time ago every sitcom had the OBESE MAMA and jokes about how FAT she is. Mind you, the guy can be big, but there was never the OBESE DAD trope and I LOATHED it as a kid i always seen it as tasteless
  5. SSBBW Oni

    The man in the Window

    aww thank you
  6. SSBBW Oni

    37 is pretty young to die.

    its sad...RIP also, don't look into the comments on twitter...just disgusting people
  7. SSBBW Oni

    The man in the Window

    so, there is a guy who makes these interesting games. They all star BBW.SSBBW characters sometimes humans, other times anthro animals..then whatever is a female and is a BBW. his games are really interesting