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    New e-book - Fattening the Detective (XWG, SSBBW)

    My first attempt at weight gain fiction! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H7QWF5K/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
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    WG that includes height gain

    http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/Weight_Room/stories/megaton_bomb_1.html http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/Weight_Room/stories/giganta.html http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/Weight_Room/stories/celuzilla.html http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/Weight_Room/stories/celuzilla_2.html...
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    WG that includes height gain

    Are you talking just slightly taller, or actual giants?
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    Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Mirror, Mirror, Make Me Fat by dmarsh07 (USSBBWs, XXWG)

    Barely two days later, the Intendant returned again, gleeful. "Oh, look at you! You've reached 30 million pounds! Fifteen thousand tons! You have to be the largest single planet-bound creature there's ever been!" It was difficult to tell, but it seemed that Kira climaxed long and loud at...
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    Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Mirror, Mirror, Make Me Fat by dmarsh07 (USSBBWs, XXWG)

    Major Kira Nerys dragged herself back to her quarters on Deep Space 9 after a long day of one crisis after another. As she was reaching for the light controls, she heard a surprisingly familiar voice purr, "oh, no. Leave the lights off. It helps the mood." After a moment, she realized why...
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    Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Kira's Feeding Vacation by dmarsh07 (USSBBW, XXWG)

    Just one more, another DS9/Kira story. It's a shame, he had so much great work on his deviantArt (not just Trek but plenty of other TV/film character XXXWG too) and now it's all gone. :(
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    Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Kira's Feeding Vacation by dmarsh07 (USSBBW, XXWG)

    Another Deep Space Nine story from dmarsh07's old account... "Kira, wait!" called Jadzia Dax, jogging to catch her friend, who was heading for a turbolift. "Do you have any leave time coming?" Kira Nerys held the lift when she heard the call. Jadzia slipped onto the lift as she asked. Kira...
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    Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Kira's Feeding Fantasy 2 by dmarsh07 (SSBBWs, XXWG)

    Just a note at the start - this isn't my story. It was written by 'dmarsh07' on deviantArt, whose account very suddenly vanished a couple of years ago. He had a lot of very well-written XWG stories centering around various female characters from TV and film, including some Star Trek. Stupidly I...
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    Heavy Heaven Honeymoon – by Big Chris Prose (~BBW, BHM, Magic, Explicit Sex. ~MWG)

    This is one of my fave stories, but I notice you're missing the last section. So here it is; Part II He came with a fiery burst, just seconds later -- she felt his penis pulse with an incredible strength as he ejaculated; and it was as if he filled her with all his love and desire for her...
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    Looking for galactic size stories.

    SFX777 is definitely worth a look.
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    Favorite weightgain stories

    The Decadent Underground.
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    Weight gain dream I had last night

    Just thought I'd write it up... I was standing in front of a full-body mirror, vaguely aware of someone warning me that if you stand in front of this mirror for long enough it'll fatten you up to 300 pounds. Now I'm about 240 pounds now but I'm quite tall so I only really look flabby...
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    Morphing tutorials...

    I was wondering if there were any sites that had a step-by-step guide to making weight gain morph pics? I know Fat Lane used to have one before it went pay...is there anywhere else?
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    All the beautiful fat is rubbing off on me

    This is my first post, but I've been a lurker for about two or three years...and I just wanted to say that you are absolutely beautiful. :)