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  1. Vader7476

    Partners in Crime - by Vader7476 (~BBW, ~BHM, Both, ~~WG, ~Sex, Feeding)

    ~BBW, ~BHM, Both, ~~WG, ~Sex, Feeding - A surprise visit by her husband at work leads to something more. [Author's Note:] Short story I wrote for Mollycoddle's birthday. Short and sweet. There's a lot to say about it, on how it's set up and all that jazz. I don't want to spoil it though...
  2. Vader7476

    Vader7476's Art

    I'm not sure how many of you follow me on my deviantart site(Link in my signature!) but here's a few pieces of art from my gallery that are allowed in Dims. I resized them to help fit them better. They're viewable much larger in my gallery. Alice from the Alice Saga: Jen from the...
  3. Vader7476

    Alice Saga?

    Why was the Alice Saga by Mollycoddles pulled? All characters are 18. Please don't touch the classics! :doh: Hopefully we're not going to lose so many great stories from her, Id, Westoben, etc.
  4. Vader7476

    Growing Cheerleader - by BX1 (BBW, Special WG drugs, Romance ~XWG)

    ~BBW, Special WG drugs, Romance ~XWG - a repressed plumper turned cheerleader prepares a special surprise for an FA [Moderator's comment: in response to a reader request in this thread Vader7476 retrieved the classic story below from an archived copy of the old but long abandoned Wrenspot...
  5. Vader7476

    Vader7476's Thread

    Moderator's note: This thread is dedicated to the fans of Vader7476 who has not yet designated any specific stories as representative of his work: The author's stories may be accessed by using the search function, keyword Vader7476. We recommend conducting author searches from the full...
  6. Vader7476

    Nicole - by Vader7476 (~BBW, Romance, Sex, ~SWG))

    BBW, Romance, Sex, ~SWG - A chance class project leads to sooo much more Nicole by Vader7476 Frank was in his second year at a rather large well known college. Up to this point all has been going well. He’s been getting good grades, is very happy with his courses and major...
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