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  1. BBW MeganLynn44DD

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!Hopefully everyone is with family,friends and loved ones this time of year!Also thanks to our troops who are not with their loved ones,let's all hope 2015 is a great year!
  2. BBW MeganLynn44DD

    Inside Curve on LB site?

    Hi all,I tried to go onto Lane Bryant's Inside Curve website and after I logged in it said it has been disabled.Anyone else on their site?I made a few nice friends on the site and would be disappointed if it was no more.
  3. BBW MeganLynn44DD

    wg fiction story

    I'm trying to find a story that involved a woman gaining like a Marylin Monore and hating it at first but then,starting to love her curves.Anyone know the story?Thanks all!
  4. BBW MeganLynn44DD

    weight gain author?

    Hi all.I'm looking for an author of weight gain stories.His name was fannl or something similar to this.His stories were not posted where on dimensions.I 'd loved his stories,mostly sounded like my life.A thin young woman who gains lots of weight and ends up loving every inch of herself!Thanks...
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