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  1. J

    The Disease Called Perfection

    I read this in a blog I read regularly, and thought it might be appreciated here. It hits home for me and so many I know, and I have a feeling many of you here can identify with it, as well.
  2. J

    Lbs., the movie

    I did a search to see if this had been posted before, and didn't find anything - surprising since this movie came out in March and deals with an issue that many people here deal with - food addiction. So I'm curious if anyone has seen it, and what their take on it is...
  3. J


    I did a search for this, and didn't find another thread about it, so if I missed one, my apologies. I had seen the trailers for this movie, Precious, which is based on the novel Push. It was highlighted on CBS Sunday Morning in a piece which interviewed Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe, who plays the...
  4. J

    Your Baby Is Too Fat!

    So now they're trying to weed out those horrible fat people right out of the womb! :rolleyes::doh::mad: Read more:
  5. J

    When Cinderella's Clock Melted...

    ....Dali and Disney collaborated.
  6. J

    FDA Says People Should Stop Using the Diet Products Immediately

    Not sure that anyone here uses this, but it's worth noting, anyway:
  7. J

    Tribal Wars?

    Does anyone on here play? My sister got me started on it, and we're having a ball. It's definitely not for the impatient - a pretty slow-paced game, but I'm lovin' it.
  8. J

    Happy Birthday, chocolatedesire

    To one of my very favorite people, always ready with a smile and sweetness toward others..I hope today brings you many smiles for yourself! Love you, Renee!
  9. J

    Living Up To My Name (no cynics, eye-rollers or chronic adults allowed!)

    I started to post this in the Clubhouse* and make it a new blog of sorts, but then I thought "Why not share this thread with everyone?" it is. The other night, I watched Michael J. Fox's show on Optimism. As I was watching it, I started thinking about my own attitudes. See...not so...
  10. J

    31 Bits

    Very simple beads made from paper, but the meaning behind them makes them gorgeous to me. They're a bit pricey for my wallet, but I'd gladly pay the price. Take a look: About 31 Bits Uganda has been plagued by an internal war between the government...
  11. J

    Is that yer Ayrshire Bacon?

    I know we have a few people who are actually from Scotland here, and several more Scot-lovers...I got a kick out of this and though some of you might, too. :D Y' ken yer Scottish if........ Are You Scottish? You know...
  12. J

    Motivate Me!

    HATE motivational posters....unless they're really funny. C'mon....can you make me laugh? I really love ketchup on a hot dog. Gives a new perspective to one of my favorite frustration expletives, "Fuck a Duck!" AMEN. Not really that funny, but I think he's cute, so I'm letting this one...
  13. J

    Cleopatra's Tomb?

    I love this kind of stuff!! I'll be watching this closely.
  14. J


    I ran across this great blog called "Foodaphilia", and immediately thought of you all here. It has tons of recipes I'm hoping to try. The current post is about these little yummy-looking guys: Peanut butter pretzel bites
  15. J

    IBC - Everyone Should Know!

    My Aunt, a nurse, sent me the video below about Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC), a kind I had never heard of it before. Even though the site says it's rare, it's still a very good thing to know about it and watch for it. I hope you'll all take the time to watch the video and share it...
  16. J

    Free Denny's Grand Slam, 2/3/09

    Per the Super Bowl ad and about a zillion sites on the 'net (the Denny's site is not loading, so I'm thinking it's overloaded with traffic): Every guest from 6AM - 2PM on Tuesday will receive 1 free Grand slam, and 1 free coupon book with 8 coupons in it. Each coupon book has 4 BOGO's, 2- 25%...
  17. J

    Deceptive Business Practice and Roaman's

    Last December, I made a purchase from, and after it was completed, the site went to a page offering a $10 coupon off my next purchase. Normally, I'm pretty savvy about those "Jump through our hoops and we'll give you the moon" scams, but silly me...I thought this was a coupon being...
  18. J

    Mmuahahaha (mad-lib style) Congratulations on being the creator of a new Evil Plan (tm)! Your objective is simple: Soul Accumulation.Your motive is a little bit more complex: Madness Stage One To begin your...
  19. J

    Potatoes, Not Prozac

    I recently had this book recommended to me by a good friend who has read it and is working it. I'm not big on "Step" programs and hate diets - not interested in losing weight - I just want to feel better. I've been struggling with energy levels, migraines, ADD-like symptoms, and mild...
  20. J

    Voter Registration Deadline

    (Mods, I know this might technically be a Hyde Park issue, but I'm hoping you'll let it stay here, since it applies to everyone, even those who don't venture into the jungle of HP) For those who want to vote but haven't registered yet, the deadlines are coming up! They vary from state to state...
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