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  1. MsBrightside

    Blurred lines? Ffa and feeder

    It's interesting that you're suggesting a connection. As someone who has some personal experience in this area, I can tell you that... in the case of a child, it's definitely not. And it's often not pleasurable to feed an infant that way in the beginning, because of sore/crackled nipples, the...
  2. MsBrightside

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    That sounds way better than the hotdog, potato chips, and tomato-cucumber salad I had for dinner. Although it was improved somewhat by the 2 glasses of wine I had with it. Nothing pairs as well as wine and hotdogs, right? Also, things are looking up for tomorrow: I'm going to a potluck and...
  3. MsBrightside

    Add a word, ruin a movie.

    I know what you mean--at least we can die happy. :p Nice! I pictured the insidious chickadee looking something like this:
  4. MsBrightside

    What book are you reading right now?

    ^Sorry, I can't help you with anything Fifty Shades-related as I've never read it. What I'm reading: The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy (one of Tad's favorite authors ;)). I've enjoyed several of his other works, but this one not so much--the main characters are pretty unlikeable. I...
  5. MsBrightside

    A Matter of Thirds

    No surprises here, you're absolutely right. :)
  6. MsBrightside

    A Matter of Thirds

    #428, 434, and 436 are all correct; and your solution of "Black" for #432 also works really well, although it's not what I had in mind. You're too good--it's hard to think up puzzles that will take you longer than a few minutes to solve! 180. Stream, Book, M 219. Hot, Fish, Bell 252. Blue...
  7. MsBrightside

    A Matter of Thirds

    Yes, that's it!
  8. MsBrightside

    A Matter of Thirds

    Oh, well. I should probably examine your hints a little more closely. New puzzles: 427. Snakes, Bump, Cat 428. Bin, Hope, White 429. Blind, Run, Ado 430. Box, Blast, Quick 431. Ball, Back, Jim 432. Cat, Jack, Beans 433. Has, Monkey, Eye 434. Underground, Red, Blue 435. Head, Active...
  9. MsBrightside

    A Matter of Thirds

    Makes sense. Good job, anyway! :p 425. Poly (monopoly, polymath, polymorph) 180. Stream, Book, M 219. Hot, Fish, Bell 252. Blue, Ball, Mug, Bolt 313. Slide, Ground, Self 327. Ma, Summer, Rice 372. Thorn, May, Jack 375. Golden, Way, Star 379. Standard, Rail, Switch 387. Barn, Ad, Code 389...
  10. MsBrightside

    A Matter of Thirds

    Some reasonable guesses: 421. Fly (blowfly, fly rod, flyweight) 422. Time (timetable, lifetime, timeless) Shots in the dark: 418. Ling? I'm not sure whether or not this qualifies as a word; I was just going for the obvious. 252. Eye? (blue eye, eyeball, mugeye, and eye bolt) I'm not...
  11. MsBrightside

    Post an Old Music Video from "Back in the Day"

    I definitely remember it, too, although I don't recall ever seeing the video. Fashion sense aside, the guy in the leopard suit looks so much like my first BF! Picture him with 30-40 extra pounds, wearing a black leather jacket and jeans with a wallet chain instead of the catsuit, and they...
  12. MsBrightside

    Random health related "confessions"

    Sorry that you're having to deal with this, loopy. Back pain makes it difficult to do so many ordinary things that we take for granted, and the healing process seems to take forever! LOL. I'm not sure I talk about it that much, but I'm a lot more aware of it perforce than I used to be. A...
  13. MsBrightside

    What are you making?

    Sounds intriguing, but I'm too lazy to measure out that many spices! I agree with you about the bay leaf. Someone asked me for the banana cake recipe, so here it is. :) The texture is really more of a cross between cake and banana bread, so this recipe may not satisy a true cake afficionado...
  14. MsBrightside

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Would it cheer you up to have a retirement party where you could make one last appearance before riding off into the sunset? Also, I don't know if this makes you feel any better or not, but I was tremendously diverted by your usage of the phrase "shock and awe." :D
  15. MsBrightside

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Dale Carnegie is not amused. (Fortunately, the rest of us are more easily pleased.)
  16. MsBrightside

    What are you happy about today?

    I actually volunteered for that; I should probably have my head examined for agreeing to some of this stuff. But it's going OK--thanks for asking. :) Pronouncing my last name is an ongoing challenge, though: one of the classes decided to christen me Ms. Snickerdoodle instead. :p
  17. MsBrightside

    The thread for random single confessions!'s definitely not the latter, and it would be pretty impressive if an aura like that could keep the online creeps at bay! :bow: However, most of the men who contact me in this fashion are not members of Dims, so if your online presence is mostly limited to the BHM/FFA board, I think...
  18. MsBrightside

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Well, I was trying to be considerate by not naming names...;) Seriously, though, a lot of guys could take lessons from you in how to interact with women online. Maybe you should hold a webinar or something.
  19. MsBrightside

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I don't understand this line of thinking, either, lucca. As a married person, I don't even belong to any online dating sites, but I just had a total stranger ask me out of the blue if I "wanna see something hot?" Like the profile pic of you with your mom?? No, thank you! I suppose I should...
  20. MsBrightside

    Add a word, ruin a movie.

    Adam's Ribeye The Glue Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag She's Having a Baby Ruth The Scarlet Letter Opener My Little Pony Keg Must Love Hot Dogs Cookie Monster's Ball McHale's Navy Beans The Man Who Loved Inflatable Women The Last Lemonade Stand Last Tango in Paris, Illinois Hannibal, Missouri The...
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