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    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    I had not read this thread before, but I find your all’s stories amazing. And all too familiar. My weight has yo-yo-ed for years, and I have enjoyed many of the sensations described here. I never was as fat as some here, and I’ve only been over 250 pounds once years ago. I remember many...
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    69-word weight gain erotica... for readers with ADD!

    ****** That discussion is no longer around, so here it is, a n essay I wrote many years ago: "This Memorial Day weekend . . .Make love handles, not war!!" A patriotic proposal by Zonker (aka GrowingLoveHandles) What we can all do to end the war is support a soldier boy or girl in getting too...
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    BHM The New Assistant (BHM, FFA, XWG)

    Enjoying this very much! I'm glad you updated with a new chapter.
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    The DC Life

    This story and these characters never fail to surprise me and delight me! This is one of the best longer stories on here (in combination with the prequel). Very well done. I wish I had the discipline and imagination to come up with something this wonderful to write. I envy your skills, and I...
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    BHM The New Assistant (BHM, FFA, XWG)

    Really enjoying this story. Nicely done. I like the slower pacing and all the interior monologues.
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    BOTH High School Jeans (Both, ~SWG, Feeding, Romance)

    There are many gems among these stories -- treasures which have yet to be discovered and appreciated by many readers.
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    BOTH Ten to One - by Xyantha (~BHM/~BBW, Romance, ~SWG)

    Xyantha, don't you worry about it. You've given us a marvelous story with well-developed characters. When you get back to it is your business. I am much the same way, and I sometimes feel I owe readers, but I don't. My creation is my busioness, and my timeframe is my business, and when I...
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    It's all fine, Catalin. What you have written is such a compelling tale that we can wait until you get it just right. In the past, I have left readers hanging for a long time, and I felt bad about it, but once I finished, they were appreciative. I still have one major story "Kandy is So...
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    BHM Experience – by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA)

    What you did here was perfect! There is something so satisfying about not being satisfied, and I get what Tad is saying. However, you wrote this just perfectly. Thank you for sharing your talents.
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    The Dance -- Part 3 of my Autobiography (revised)

    Wow! This is splendid and so erotic! Where are parts 1 and 2? And what about part 4? Hmmmmmm......?
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    BBW The Chocolate Princess

    Oh my. What a wonderful tale! I envy your writing skills and story-telling abilities!
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    As always, you are an amazing writer. I never tire of reading your stories, BBD!
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    Lucy in the sky with donuts!

    Lucy in the sky with donuts!
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    Treasure Island

    You always write such wonderfully romantic weight gain tales! I know I don't comment on all your stories, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them all! Thank you for so many hours and hours of reading pleasure over the years, BBD!
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    The F Word

    As always, you have done it again! Wonderful tale!
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    BHM Melanie's Muse: Part 1- 7 - By Molly (~BHM, ~Sex, Romance)

    Molly, so glad that you are still here and wriiting! Looking forward to anything you write... Where to type? Hmmm... clear off a bit of table, and get to it.
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    Thanksgiving Victory

    As always, you pack a lot of wonder and pleasure into a few words! Nicely done, BBD!
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    The Succubus's Temptation

    Chapter 4 - And in the End... "It feels so good, I can't stop," you moan painfully. You look at the ice cream tub, then reach out for more of its sweet frozen calorie-laden temptations. "I can't stop eating." I won't let you stop, my little pudgy piggy. Eat for me, and you will experience...
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    The Succubus's Temptation

    The idea of a luscious succubus gaining weight is intriguing! I will save that idea for another story... the fate of the fattened here is going to be quite different!
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