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  1. B

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

  2. B

    BHM "Tubby" by LJ Rock [~BHM, feedism, stuffing, overeating, sexuality]

    I want a thin girl to do this to me as well. Stuffed until I’m literally a balloon of jiggling bouncy blubber for her to tease and play with. She could use my big fat belly as her personal trampoline!
  3. B

    Opt in for Fetish/Erotica Stories!

    Hello, yes I would like to opt in please. Thank you
  4. B

    What's pissing you off today?

    The main steam liberal media. Defending and covering up the over-reaching left while at the same time purposely under representing conservative views.
  5. B

    BBW Sainte-Isabelle (college, ~XWG, force feeding)

    Yes please continue. I started reading and couldn’t stop. Fantastic plot. I would enjoy seeing what is next for these tubby little oinkers.
  6. B

    Just Fatties Who Make Me Happy

    And awaayy we go!
  7. B

    Changes to the Library Boards

    I would like to opt in please.
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    Explain your screen name

    Although I love fat and the feel of fat, it’s the movement or jiggle of fat that I enjoy the most. Annddd because I love to often refer to lots of fat as BLUBBER I thought it appropriate to refer to myself as Blubberjiggler1. Or the number one jiggler of blubbery fat flab adipose lard in all the...
  9. B

    BBW Bulking Up Steph- (~BBW, ~XWG, Stuffing, Sex)

    OMG what a superb story. I was rooting for fat Steph the entire read. Reminded me of a ex 400 lb girlfriend who happened to be named Stephanie.