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  1. Don Carlos

    R.I.P Rhonda :(

    I can't say I am too surprised to hear this news given how saddened and depressed she was over the loss of her son. That being said, I sincerely hope she is now at peace and reunited with him in Heaven...
  2. Don Carlos

    BBW Vegas Bash July 13 - 19 Lucky 13 Super Bash

    Oh you gotta save up the pennies and make your plans, hon...it's like Mecca, you should go at least once in your lifetime if you can LOL
  3. Don Carlos

    BBW Vegas Bash July 13 - 19 Lucky 13 Super Bash

    That was my first ever bash as well...and what really made it special was that I was originally supposed to meet BBWOlivia there, but it turned out that we got to travel there together with friends. What a wonderful time! :D
  4. Don Carlos

    March Portland Meetup!

    WHOO HOO! :D:bounce::cool:
  5. Don Carlos

    March Portland Meetup!

    Please definitely put down Olivia and I to attend as well :D
  6. Don Carlos

    March Portland Meetup!

    La-Di-Da-Di-Da-Di...it's time to party! Definitely down with this get-together :D
  7. Don Carlos

    BBW Community Honors And Awards Show

    As we've been mentioning this October in Hollywood (Date to be announced in June) we are excited to bring the BBW Community Honors and Awards Show and Party. We have our tentative categries of nominations. Please read and e-mail US and let us know who YOU'd like to see nomitated so we can add...