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  1. moore2me

    Cat Nordling Oake !

    Cat was a force to be admired. She was one of the first fat girls I saw that people admired!!! She wore what she wanted to. She had fabulous pictures that she posted (many she created herself BEFORE we had all this high tech computer help). She created costumes for herself. She posted these...
  2. moore2me

    Houston Flooding/Dimmers Role Call?

    Tracy - It's good you are safe. Be careful the next few weeks. I cannot imagine a city as large as Metro Houston having to deal with that many people having to leave their homes & going to public shelters. Plus, they are predicting more rain today . . . And there are so many children...
  3. moore2me

    Houston Flooding/Dimmers Role Call?

    I have been glued to my TV yesterday and today watching the flooding from hurricane Harvey. I know that Traci lives in the danger zone. Could the people who are affected by this disaster check in and let us know how you R? :eek:
  4. moore2me

    IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension)

    Sometimes our doctors need to add more tools to their medical kit. Blood pressure being too high is not only caused by excessive weight. Often there are additional things you can do and fight this thing on multiple levels. Here's some other stuff you can use at the same time. 1) Meditation...
  5. moore2me

    Update on my brain situation.

    I too have been given a lot of MRIs. With and without dye in my brain. Each one lasts about two hours. Some I had before open MRI machines were available as well. They checked the progress of my multiple sclerosis (MS) which delaminates (strips) my brain nerves. Now, to the positive side - for...
  6. moore2me

    Reintroducing myself

    Van my man . . . . You couldn't possibly be Vince would you? (If the answer is yes - I need to get extra garlic and buy more silver crosses.)
  7. moore2me

    I'm back in the hospital

    Dear Fattycakes, Traci has undergone some "slings and arrows" that most of us never had to deal with at her tender age. I have seen grown women brought down by strokes. Some of these women never talked again, or could not drive, or could not live life independently. What Traci has done so far...
  8. moore2me

    I'm back in the hospital

    :doh: Hi Tracy, Sometimes life is BITCH!!!!! I lived with my mom during 39 years of her taking blood thinners. She survived that regime tho, and lived to be over 90 years old. She had to be very careful around knives and anything else that would pierce her skin. Some foods also...
  9. moore2me

    Someone Has Stolen My Mother

    My Mother died about one month ago. She never recovered mentally from her hernia surgery in the first of this tread. The last few years have been spent in a nursing home. Every time I went to see her she started started telling me she wanted to die. Upon hearing this conversational "thread"...
  10. moore2me

    What are you having for breakfast

    It's strawberry season - for the next six weeks. Me and hundreds (maybe thousands) of folks in my area gorge on strwberries every day when they ripen. Peak flavor is for a couple of hours after the berries are picked. Within the day, the fragile fruit declines. But, during the season . . . .We...
  11. moore2me

    Name a Song From the Last Letter - Part 5!

    Y Yelloiw Rose of Texas by many artists, one the Sons of the Pioneers
  12. moore2me

    funny named towns

    I will never forget this town - It was the site of the horrible tidal waves and deaths from the Tsunami the day after Christmas 2004. Several movies have been made about the loss of lives - natives, tourists, migrant workers, and animals. This town in my mind will always portray death &...
  13. moore2me

    What is making you SAD right now...

    My brother and I had to put mom in Hospice during the weekend. She is still in a nursing home. Hospice is taking over her final care while there. Altho I am sad, mom would have wanted it this way. Lord knows she told me that enough times when we could talk like we used to. If anyone is not...
  14. moore2me

    Favorite Poem?

    Dear Esteemed Master of the English Language (AKA Ho Ho Ta), I have missed you & your handler (Ms Ho Ho). I bet you thought I had become a zealot or joined a cult. No, not again . . . been there, done that. I don't think the Amish will let me in again (long story) and Tony Alamo's is supposed...
  15. moore2me


    Men and women have different strengths in their muscles, tendons, bones,etc. If everything else is fairly equal, men are stronger than women thanks to biology. (I like to think women are smarter to make up for this difference. I also know we are much sneakier.) Given a physical task like stair...
  16. moore2me

    Hope I fit!

    Worry About This . . . I have told this story before in these Boards. It has been years ago, I thought about re-telling as a cautionary tale. At work, our office moved to a three story building that had a restroom on each floor. After working there for several years, trotting down the path to...
  17. moore2me

    Kidney Disease

    Real Me, I am working up to that part. There have been some complications. One is it is hard mentally for me to put in words. Two it is hard to write down due to physical constraints. I am finding I need quiet, really good lights, and not be to tired. These things are hard to find at my chaotic...
  18. moore2me

    Ebay: 4-6X clothes, lots of Torrid, jewelry, shoes, handbags.

    Hi Traci, I was browsing around the internet last night and there was no pcitures or anything else for sale on your store. I tried it again tonght and got the same non-respose . . . no images or items would pull up. You might have some else check your "store" and see if the doors are open and...
  19. moore2me

    Even Dimensions wasn't around this long ago ....

    Doc, The "Roller Derby Barbie Man" - I know that guy! Wasn't he on the faculty at ORU? I think I took one of his correspondence courses I believe the course was in Animal Science - specifically Meat Science - I never passed tho. I am watching the GRAMMIES tonight. I was surprised to see...
  20. moore2me

    Even Dimensions wasn't around this long ago ....

    Doc, I'm sorry to have missed this Thread during my time out. Barbie dolls are Icons in my book. To this day, I look forward to riding a cart thru WalMart and seeing any new Barbies that might be "out". It is a red letter day when I found Wicked Witch Barbie, Cowardly Lion Barbie, Tin Man...