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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    Andrew came in and said, "I was hoping you would overfull yourself before the others came in." "What me? You are the one who kept bringing me bowls while I thought that I was done. You brought all the stuff I did not pick." I responded with looking puzzled. "You were so picky last time. It is...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    "Hi there, are all of you Martha's findings?" I asked while approaching them. I saw Grant who was fatter again nod his head. "I am her earlier finding." I said to help the frightened and confused people in front of me. "My name is Peter. You are Grant, We have met before and you 3 I do not...
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    Feeling The Weight of your Belly

    In my lattest story i am writing i had two large people belly bunt on the moon with big bounce back results.
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    Stuffing vs Grazing

    Heat does not slow my eating.
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    BHM Squashing

    I do enjoy being a squasher and a squashee. in the last year i have rolled my weight between 95 -200 kilograms. Anyone visiting New Zealand I can supply cramp accommodation but all the squashing you want.
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    Feeling The Weight of your Belly

    I have been experimenting with rapid gain and loss. Using compounds to prevent fat burning and 97% storage of eaten food which was rich in dairy i put on 80 kilograms in 6 weeks. To aid over eating I used Muscle relaxants on the abdomen. Some of the weight went on my thighs and chest but my...
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    Earliest Experiences

    I was 5 years old when a 12 year old pinned me to the ground sitting on me. He was so much heavier and I wanted to feel more so I got myself squashed by a fat person. Big difference was the softness. I went up in weight classes to 160 kilograms, 205 kilograms, 235 kilograms. They do get softer...
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    Busted through plateau

    I seem to roll up and down. I went for the 60 inch measurement and stalled at 57 inches because the belly was sagging instead of extending forward. I put on 50 pounds to get the extra inch. I found another way to measure.
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    As the shed came into site I could recognise Jim, Brett, Scott and Samuel but no Garry or Andrew. Toria and Anita were both standing to the side of the group. I looked at Rachael and she said, "Andrew does not want to be there when Martha is picked up. He is being strange." Rachael went over...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    "I will tell you later. Please help me into this band. It has to go up over the hips." Rachael lifts her feet off the ground levitating in front of me. This is different from one leg at a time I passed it over her feet, calves, knees and thighs. She placed her feet onto the ground again. The...
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    One Completely Random Sentence...

    It is next to the low calorie donuts.
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    Is She a Feeder

    The belly is so heavy it does not bounce up and down when you are. I really want to feel the weight of it.
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    This was the most mass I hade ever felt in a woman's breast. She was sitting in my lap rocking backwards and forwards. I could feel the newly required muscle in her gluteus in spasmodic pulsing on my thigh. I moved my right hand down to her abdomen that still had some of the fat I added left but...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    The thoughts in my head were "you discussed my Carnal Activity with the girls". Feeling very insecure I asked, "What else did they say." Rachael said, "They thought I was not telling the truth with my claim that you kept me in orgasms for two hours until they saw the amount of muscle I had...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    "That feels like last night level. Andrew remembers I have established a reason for me to be fatter in front of the others. Anita trying other systems so I can a lot more fat under the girdles before they get tight on me." I watched Andrew add what I just said to his train of thought. I looked...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    The medical officer looked at the escort who nodded. He attached a device to my arm and another to Rachael arm. I saw her midriff bulge forward 10 centimetres and I felt her abdominal muscles fail to support the load. I felt her intestines squeezing close. "That is enough." I said to the medic...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    It was right then Andrew walked in. "I was just checking you two were all right. The monitors say Peters levels were extremely high and a lot of oxygen was being used." "We were extremely physical and I was trying to give Rachael enough fat to burn and hopefully compounds for her to convert...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    "You will have to set it up but I will talk to him. She will be angry to loose an asset like him. She made out she was into my inheritance and her real intent was milking me of my fat. The conniving woman hid her gender well. Picking on me for getting fat. The very fat she was putting on me. I...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    I suddenly realise a group was in my cubical; they all came to hear if I was scoring with Anita. There was an opportunity present that sent my mind racing through possible ways to get squashed before the opportunity disappeared. "Hey while you are all here, could you all lay stacked on me and...
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    A fat camp of difference. WG, WL, Fat Farming

    Jim cut in saying, "You know we kept the original seeds. It grows 6 feet high and takes extra 2 months to grow but it does not cause health problems." "You seem to have a whole generation that spotted things were going 'belly up' and prepared the correction." I added on. We had arrived at...