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  1. ODFFA

    Squeezablysoft's Sweetly Spicy and Scrumptiously Saucy She Shed

    Ha! Awesome article. Absolutely alllll the commendations. There are few things more awesome to set a trend for than mental health awareness and reminding people to be kind to themselves and cut themselves some slack. ETA: I hope the depression lifts for you as soon as possible though. You...
  2. ODFFA

    What are you happy about today?

    I am happy because - as you Dimsfolk will no doubt come to learn - this is symbolic of how gorgeous @SensoriumPanda is, inside and out: his warmth, his empathy, his handsomeness, his zest for life, his confidence, his intelligence, his openness with people and the way it just draws people to...
  3. ODFFA

    General Anxiety Thread

    Aaah, you're all so lovely. Shucks! It went better than I expected. Way better, actually. I was very nervous, and I'm sure my shyness came across, as it inevitably does, but I was able to still make coherent sounds come out of my mouth enough times to feel like a regular human! LFW, I've...
  4. ODFFA

    General Anxiety Thread

    Social anxiety confession incoming... I haven't had *this* much anticipatory anxiety in a long time. There's this virtual social event happening on Sunday, and I've lost hours of sleep over it already. In an attempt at self-compassion, I can often give myself the radical acceptance of saying...
  5. ODFFA

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Ugh. It's only just past 8 AM and I've already had my fill of judgemental Afrikaner boomers for the day. I'm really happy though, aside from that.
  6. ODFFA

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Exactly what Tad said. Wishing you and your family all the support, strength, care and self-care at this time <3
  7. ODFFA

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Thank you so, so much, everyone! Everything is still very much up in the air, but thanks to some developments, there's a slight possibility the sale might not fall through after all. We're planning for all eventualities, so we'll see. I'm still a bit of a mess, but there's a glimmer of hope on...
  8. ODFFA

    What are you unhappy about today?

    We can't move into our new place on the 3rd as planned. The whole sale has fallen through. Thankfully, it's due to seller incompetence, so we'll get our deposit back etc. What's happened to us with this whole process just feels so unjust, it's like I could choke on the ridiculousness of it...
  9. ODFFA

    What are you happy about today?

    My "vacation" time is just around the corner too! I say "vacation" because I'll be moving house, so it won't be a real one. Still, I'm very excited!
  10. ODFFA

    FFA/BHM romances on film

    There's also the movie, Frida, starring Salma Hayek and Alfred Molina. Although it's a relatively tragic romance.
  11. ODFFA

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    It's worth it just to get the documents signed, but, god, I cannot W A I T for him to leave.
  12. ODFFA

    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    When you write posts like this...
  13. ODFFA

    FFA/BHM romances on film

    This is an awesome thread! I'll have to check that movie out. Jorge is great. I was a very happy lil FFA back in the days of Lost. As for movies I can think to recommend my ladies: Hitch (Kevin James) Terri (Jacob Wysocki) -- TW: bullying Cuban Fury (Nick Frost) One Chance (James Corden)...
  14. ODFFA

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    This morning I woke up to one of those rarest and most glorious of surprises: I thought the deadline for my paper on personality psychology was today, and that I was due for a day of great cram-writing. Turns out the deadline is next Monday! Eeeeee! So happy!
  15. ODFFA

    The Music Thread

  16. ODFFA

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Even though I wouldn't want to mess with how anyone wants to self-identify, I must cheekily confess to having a similar feeling about this as you. Although, I guess there are also people who are into a whole spectrum of sizes for a variety of respective "reasons," which is obviously also valid...
  17. ODFFA

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Awww, @sarahee543, sorry to hear you're having such a tough time :( I'm glad you're still together, but that does sound like a very big, difficult change. I know when I'm going through anything like that, getting to sleep is an immense struggle. Truly wishing you so much luck during this...
  18. ODFFA

    What's pissing you off today?

    It feels a little gross to say there's been something about this lockdown period that I've found blissful... but there has been. It was the first time that I'd ever experienced living in SA and not being particularly worried about crime. The drop in our crime stats over these last months has...
  19. ODFFA

    The thread for random single confessions!

    It's the first week of term for me and we are starting it with a chapter on interpersonal attraction. Week of contemplating my FFA-ness and feeling all romantic - bring it on 🥰
  20. ODFFA

    Stories that feature therapy?

    I was going to mention Xyantha's story too. It's one of my favourites and featured therapy as quite a prominent theme. I'm sure you'll be able to depict it very well. Like Tad said, it's a rather personal experience :)