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  1. alk27alk27

    What is your weight right now?

    Because I’m an essential worker and running around my store telling people “no we don’t have toilet paper” I’ve unfortunately lost 10 pounds and am down to 165.
  2. alk27alk27

    What is your weight right now?

    Don’t worry I’m just as boring at 175.
  3. alk27alk27

    Drinking to increase stomach capacity

    I think he’s bitter that you just pointed out that drinking a shit ton of wafted is deadly. As someone who has suffered from heart stroke induced by dehydration on more occasions then I care to count, I have been warned by doctors not to go too far in the other direction. It’s a fine line when...
  4. alk27alk27

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

  5. alk27alk27

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    “Bitch I ain’t got time for that shit.” reminds me of my old husky I had as a kid. He was a love bug but had no time for games. Very serious. “Alk we have walks to do. Stop clowning around.”
  6. alk27alk27

    What are you happy about today?

    I’m happy because I’ve got two days off in a row. That never happens.
  7. alk27alk27

    What did you buy today?

    I got a couple things. I got my brother a birthday gift. and amongst the other groceries a container of Trader Joe’s pre made chocolate pudding. Seriously if any of you like pudding and live in the US you’ve got to do yourself a favor and buy this stuff. If I ever truly become fat, this will...
  8. alk27alk27

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Here’s some more jokes.
  9. alk27alk27

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Everyone becomes deliciousy soft or muscularly thick? That’s two of my favorite body types, sign me up.
  10. alk27alk27

    A serious question for the ladies about huge breasts

    He is like a fat wise man
  11. alk27alk27

    Editing profile

    I don’t think so.
  12. alk27alk27

    Sexy tight shirts! yay!

    Thanks for the necro
  13. alk27alk27

    Looking FA, 20’s, Male

    Hi I’ve noticed most users on this site are both a bit on the older side compared to me and primarily male. I was wondering if the there are any women on here below 30? Primarily just looking for people to talk to.
  14. alk27alk27

    Drinking to increase stomach capacity

    All good things. I’ll have to note them down.
  15. alk27alk27

    What is your weight right now?

    Some of you people are almost twice my weight at 179 Ibs. I feel puny compared to you all. Love to find someone so I can just let loose.
  16. alk27alk27

    Me and My fat belly!! :)

    10 years of healthy progress if I say so myself.
  17. alk27alk27

    FFAs, are you into seeing a normal sized man ballooning up?

    I’m kinda into the idea of personally gaining but I think in this question I’d rather be the encourager and get a skinny girl chubby.
  18. alk27alk27

    Models getting fat

    You just described the backstory to wall-e dude.
  19. alk27alk27

    FAs, how do you feel about fat on a person of the gender you are NOT attracted to?

    I’m sorry I thought I was on a fetish site for fatness, not a “19th century colonial broadsheet for curing society of the evils of industrialization”. I think everyone else here can agree that that attitude is more then a little sexist dude.
  20. alk27alk27

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    I know this is a bit off topic but when ever I look for “art” that is of a gaining or just plain fat nature, most often furrieism is the next most common fetish. Is there a connection between our two groups?