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  1. G

    BBW The Superheavyweight Champion (BBW, XWG, Stuffing)

    Love it! As an ex-elite athlete myself this one stirs a few personal kink embers...
  2. G

    BBW A Small Technicality (BBW, WG, Romance)

    Just read the whole thing again, cover to cover. Brilliant.
  3. G

    BBW A Small Technicality (BBW, WG, Romance)

    That was amazing. Well balanced, well paced. Cute but not cutesy. Sexy but not trashy. So well written. Thank you!
  4. G

    Fit2Fat2? By TheOwl (~BBW~Stuffing~~MWG)

    Best thread on the forum. This story is the reason I keep coming back, I love it. Also, being in Manchester, I like all the Brit touches...
  5. G

    Fat teases

    I waited, but the scary thing is we're all fifth years now and I think most of us are lighter now than when we started. Me, luckily, excepted.
  6. G

    Fat teases

    Yeah, this happens to me. Since I stopped hiding my FAness (there's got to be a better word for that, somewhere) the guys ask questions and the girls tease. And yeah, they're all rake thin (everybody at my uni is, it's upsetting:( ), but I think some of them enjoy the idea that they don't have...