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    Looking for a story

    https://www.deviantart.com/mcoddles/art/Megan-39993409 https://www.deviantart.com/mcoddles/art/Megan-2-42040041 https://www.deviantart.com/mcoddles/art/Megan-3-42588427
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    Broken Recliner! Ideas on how to fix it???

    Most chairs these days are not made well, usually out of plywood with brackets screwed in and other items bolted through, with metal eyelets for strength. Usually things are symmetric, so look to the other side to see how it is not broken, then look at the side with the broken pieces and you'll...
  3. L

    Other places for weight gain fiction?

    Try also https://bbw-chan.nl/elite/. It's not busy much lately, but you can try www.reddit.com/r/expansivewriters
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    Other places for weight gain fiction?

    Yeah, there were a lot of great stories in the part of this site they just killed, which was my primary reason for visiting. Not many new stories since feeder fiction writers were chased off since Conrad left. Other than those mentioned above (Deviantart, Curvage), try...
  5. L

    The Girl In The Coffee Shop

    I'm enjoying this story very much. :) Please continue when you have a chance.
  6. L

    The Case of the Perilous Potluck - by Marlow

    Dude, you paint the picture, and it's a dazzling one
  7. L

    The Case of the Perilous Potluck - by Marlow

    Thank you for another wonderful chapter!
  8. L

    The Case of the Perilous Potluck - by Marlow

    This is incredibly good. Please continue when you can
  9. L

    Has Board Traffic Decreased?

    Why come to a place where the main boards are full of sjw's who hate you or think you a creep? I'm sure if they could just jettison the porn & fiction boards, they would. I used to come here for the great BBW feedee fiction and more, but it's just not as vibrant when everyone has to be...
  10. L

    Deciding to keep at it or not. What's your expierence?

    Congratulations! Now that it's time to go up a size in clothes it's getting more real. Some are excited by it, some are hesitant. I think you need to know if you look good this way and if you get that acceptance, it will be time to box up your old clothes and worries and go out and buy for your...
  11. L

    Melissa Mc Carthy

    Heh, walking through the minefield of political correctness. Fun, ain't it? That's why I don't come here much except for the pics & stories.
  12. L

    Anyone here ever been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

    I've only been to the older section, but the chair is out front for anyone to try it out before they get in line. It's small. My wife and I were able to walk through the castle, which was a great experience. No way were her hips going to fit in that ride, tho
  13. L

    Gaining sites?

    http://www.feedism.net http://clips4sale.com/65243 http://clips4sale.com/studio/42748 http://clips4sale.com/category/761/GAINING-WEIGHT And there's a whole bunch on tumblr.
  14. L

    BBW modeling made me feel like crap

    Wow, after reading what you have posted at Curvage, telling people to cut their dicks off, I'm just going to withdraw myself from this conversation and wish you good luck with your rage problem.
  15. L

    BBW modeling made me feel like crap

    You do look wonderful, and I'm sure you're a very nice person. However, you shouldn't depend on others to validate you. There are too many models out there to be doing it for that.
  16. L

    Nat's Acceptance (BBW, WG)

    Great story! Thanks!
  17. L

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    I wish you the best of health!
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    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    This might provide some insight: http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2062780#post2062780
  19. L

    My gaining journey thus far.

    I love your transition. Congratulations, you look incredible!!!