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  1. jay kratos

    World's biggest butt

    Yours is great fit you perfectly...
  2. jay kratos

    Spiderman 4 - No Rami,No Magurie?! (confirmed now)

    Good, I think it's time for a rebot. Went all down the drain ever since the 3rd one, because of the story line.
  3. jay kratos

    Why Fat Girls?

    Fat girls to me are way more down to earth than skinny girls.
  4. jay kratos

    I'm tired of...

    Tired of having money then having it taken from me! lol
  5. jay kratos

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Sherlock Holmes 8/10 cool film for mystery fans, like how they open for a sequel at the end. Didn't see avatar yet, but may wait until it go to blue-ray.
  6. jay kratos

    I'm Sorry Texas Longhorns Fans.....

    WE shall see!
  7. jay kratos

    2009 NFL Thread

    go saints! who dat!
  8. jay kratos

    favorite fa songs!

    Baby got back - sir mixalot :)
  9. jay kratos

    Non-Anonymous Crush Thread II - "You know you wanna say it!"

    I would like to bring a bbw or a ssbbw at a Ihop. you know jjust eating and talkin, being relexed.:D
  10. jay kratos

    The Greatest Bad Films Ever!

    This film sucks ass so much that I laugh when I saw it. Cause its funny seeing singers trying to act. When you know they haven't went to no acting class.lol
  11. jay kratos

    Your First Internet BBW

    Think its between candy godiva and largenlovely.
  12. jay kratos

    your limits?

    Me too, I think women look great with alot of weight.
  13. jay kratos

    Favorite Michael Jackson song

    There is so many great songs mike has that I like. Here's my favortie- thriller rock with you billie jean Don't stop til you get enough Dirty diana Jam wanna be started somethin smooth criminal do you remember the time bad beat it
  14. jay kratos

    Home cook meal vs eating out

    What do you like most a good home cooked meal or a nice meal at a all you can eat buffet?
  15. jay kratos

    Fat girl playing jessica simpson in eminem video!

    I'll knock it out of the ballpark!
  16. jay kratos

    Fat girl playing jessica simpson in eminem video!

    Turn the fat into phat then. I just wanted to know she was. Don't matter what word you call it.
  17. jay kratos

    Fat girl playing jessica simpson in eminem video!

    :DWho is she? whoever she is, she look good in those short shorts.
  18. jay kratos

    A Weekend Getaway

    If you won a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?