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  1. Devi

    Looking Looking for giving feeders for online feeding sessions

    I am a BBW model and have been a part of the online feedism community for about 3 years now. My greed is out of control lately so I am looking for feeders interested in having online feeding sessions with me. I'm a pretty positive friendly person and I love to chat. If you haven't done this kind...
  2. Devi

    What is your current food obsession??

    Lol thank you! You are too sweet. 😊
  3. Devi

    What is your current food obsession??

    I am really into pizza right now. It's so plain and boring I know. Typical. 🤦🏽‍♀️
  4. Devi

    Fat talk in bed

    Oooh that sounds super sexy. We would definitely both enjoy that a lot. Lol I like the training him. Thanks for the ideas!
  5. Devi

    Change a Letter - 5 Letters: Part 4!

    Lol not entirely. I realized that I responded to the last post on the first page of the thread rather than the last post on the last page. 🤦‍♀️ I'll try it again. throw - worst
  6. Devi

    Fat talk in bed

    Sounds good and it’s pretty practical. Just talk about things that already feel sexy. Thank you!
  7. Devi

    Fat talk in bed

    That’s great thank you!
  8. Devi

    Fat talk in bed

    So I'm going out with a guy who wants to do "fat talk" in bed. I'm totally down but I feel awkward about it and I don't know what to say. What are some sexy things you like to say and hear in bed? Maybe you can give me some ideas!
  9. Devi

    Change a Letter - 5 Letters: Part 4!

    tenor - thorn ...did I do it right?
  10. Devi

    Body shape preferences

    I have a huge butt so usually "ass men" are more into me. I personally think I'm more into boobs though lol.