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    Has Board Traffic Decreased?

    I had a BBW WG themed story post that was declined for questionable reasons (I was told there was not significant character development or something like that, but it was a deliberately abstract story). It makes me think that other writers face the same weird constraints. Other forums are...
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    Why no strories of black people? Request/challenge

    Wendy by MollyCoddles is one story I remember that is specifically about a black woman: Wendy by MollyCoddles Many stories don't specify race, though some writers on this site refer to characters' "milky" skin in their stories. Most writers that specify race suggest a character has light or...
  3. D

    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    So good! Keep it up, this is one of the best stories I've seen here, and I really hope to see it complete!
  4. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    I really don't know what his plans were, seeing as he didn't write anything about where he was headed. It has been 3 years without any sign of progress. Feel free to ignore my addition to the story if you'd like, and if the author returns he can certainly remove my continuation w/o qualms ;)...
  5. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    Finally, the day of Lisa's first competition and a chance to break into the exotic and filling world of professional eating! She was excited and very, very hungry. Clara had caught her sneaking three Costco muffins that morning and stopped her before she could eat more than two. “But I'm sooooo...
  6. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    Lisa had trouble sleeping that night. She'd abstained from food for longer than she could remember, and her belly was killing her. She turned over a couple times, readjusted, tried to let sleep take her, but no such luck. Her stomach growled audibly, and she finally said aloud “Screw it!” She...
  7. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    Clara did a little research and pulled a few strings to sign up for her first competitive eating event, which was a free-for-all at Mike's All-American Dogs just a couple towns over. The fare would be, not too surprisingly, chili dogs, and the list of entrants was impressive. They would have to...
  8. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    Over the next few days, things returned to normal. Lisa had clearly gained a few pounds thanks to Clara's trickery and a now very stretched, demanding stomach. She was hungrier than ever, and she found that her binging urges were difficult to stop at best. Plus, she had the worst cravings for...
  9. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    Needless to say, Lisa tried to slow down her eating. For a few hours each day, that is. She skipped breakfast, but broke down and binged even more for lunch. Mari didn't let up, either, because she was still getting bonuses for every pound Lisa gained, so she did everything she could to ruin...
  10. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    Lisa had already been eating constantly while awake, but after three days she came across a health article on metabolism and weight gain. Her eyes opened wide as she read the words “tricks your body into storing more fat.” The article explained that when eating consistent meals and snacking, her...
  11. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    About one week after the last weigh-in, Clara had just come back from a rigorous interval workout feeling energized and found Lisa asleep on the couch, mostly empty platters surrounding her, her belly puffing freely over the waistband of her large sweatpants. She'd absolutely ballooned in the...
  12. D

    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    I wrote some following parts kindof hastily... I could post them, what do you think?
  13. D

    Fit2Fat2? By TheOwl (~BBW~Stuffing~~MWG)

    Hey great story you've got here! One of my favorites on the site. Keep it up! I'm sure i'm not the only one hoping you finish it :)
  14. D

    Maid of Honour by Berry (~BBW, Magic, Weight Switching, ~MWG)

    This is such a great story! I'm really looking forward to the next part!
  15. D

    Jill's Story - by Karl (~BBW, Intrigue, Eating, ~SWG)

    Great story! Thanks for the post Karl. I hope you continue with Special Diet too, that one is definitely my favorite.
  16. D

    Paula's Big Summer - by Deviant 123 (BBW, WG)

    A few days later and Paula noticed that she couldn’t see the scale while she was standing on it. Looking down, she only saw her rounded body. How long has it been since I’ve seen my feet? she wondered. She kneeled on the floor, breathing heavily, eating a chocolate, and setting the scale in...
  17. D

    Paula's Big Summer - by Deviant 123 (BBW, WG)

    Paula bought more sweats the next day, several sizes too large. Day after day she grew. 203 Friday. 206 Saturday. Sunday was dinner with the girls (209). Monday was 211 pounds. Tuesday, 214. 217. 219. On the Wednesday Paula hit 221 pounds, she was eating at the buffet for a gigantic lunch...
  18. D

    Paula's Big Summer - by Deviant 123 (BBW, WG)

    Later that day she got a call from Irene. “Dinner on Saturday?” Irene asked. “Of course,” Paula replied. Over the next three days, Paula ate with abandon, unbuttoning her pants and continuing at every meal, so much so that her jeans hardly fit her by the end of the week. She was...
  19. D

    Paula's Big Summer - by Deviant 123 (BBW, WG)

    The next week Paula resolved that before any meal at the very least she would have something healthy. The only problem was that she didn’t know what “healthy” meant. She’d never eaten healthily in her life. She always had eaten reasonably portioned, somewhat unhealthy food. What’s more, her...
  20. D

    Paula's Big Summer - by Deviant 123 (BBW, WG)

    ~BBW, SWG Paula's Big Summer by Deviant123 Paula Plum had just turned eighteen years old when she started modeling. At 120 pounds, with big brown eyes and sleek brown hair, golden -tan skin and a lithe, sexy figure (not to mention D cups), Paula was gorgeous. She was popular at school and...