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  1. mz_puss

    Where Are The Women That Fancy BBW/SSBBW?

    I am possibly the fattest lady in the world. (Ok that's probably unlikely but I have never actually met or seen someone, in person, who is fatter than me!) I am definitely a SSBBW. And my beautiful best friend who is also my ex Girlfriend is a very petite 5'6" tall and weighs about 55Kgs. The...
  2. mz_puss

    Australia-Melbourne-POUNCE Plus size PJ Party!

    Australia's only Plus size party night POUNCE is BACK! We had a short hiatus due to moving venues, but we are back in fine form in the front bar of the Railway hotel, 281 Albert street Brunswick vic. And what better way to warm yourselves up this chilly winter than by attending out Winter...
  3. mz_puss

    Vehicles for the plus size!

    Ok being an Aussie, I might not be much help. But the only car I know of, that I fit in to enough to drive is my VT Holden Commodore. I am pushing 550+ pounds, around 80 inch hips/belly and I am 5'11". In saying that though, it is a tight squeeze. Id love to know what other people around my...
  4. mz_puss

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Me at a plus size market, hosting my very first stall. It was such a wonderful day :) (excuse the poor quality pics, they were taken on my phone)
  5. mz_puss

    Australia ~Melbourne POUNCE BBW Club Night!

    Hey ya folks, Pounce has been on hiatus. We are in the process of moving to a new venue. And I am taking a break too at the moment. But I have appointed a fantastic enthusiastic gal pal of mine to take over for a while. The new venue details and next Pounce date have not been released just yet...
  6. mz_puss

    Australia ~Melbourne POUNCE BBW Club Night!

    It was seriously amazing! We had so many new faces and sooo many people dressed up! It was one of our best nights yet! Ill have to pop some pics up on here :)
  7. mz_puss

    Australian Introduction thread...

    I'm so sorry to hear this! I was hoping you would be here by now too! And to all the newbies welcome :)
  8. mz_puss

    Australia ~Melbourne POUNCE BBW Club Night!

    Halloween is soon upon us and what better way to celebrate then with the awesome ghouls & guys at POUNCE! Costume is not essential, but feel free to dress up and try your chance at winning a fiendish prize! We also will have karaoke on, so you croon your heart out, but beware of Zombies! So much...
  9. mz_puss

    Melbourne BBW Club Night : POUNCE !

    It was so awesome to finally meet you gorgeous lady :) And I have just realised how crap I have been at updating this event on here. I haven't bloody done it in ages! I must not forget to do this. Thanks for posting here lovely Shoshie xXx
  10. mz_puss

    Australian Introduction thread...

    Welcome newbies :) So very lovely to have you here. And BigBeautifulMe Get your cute butt here already! ( And not just because I want to steal all of your amazing clothes :p )
  11. mz_puss

    What's your style

    I'm totally glam noir sparkle with a splash of vintage cleavage, colour and class! Think 1940s meets retro-punk with a modern-day MizzPuss-esque twist!
  12. mz_puss

    Doctor Who fans...

    David Tennant is totally my favourite! He was and is MY DOCTOR. He's just so funny and warm and charismatic. So human and yet so alien at the same time. And he had a lot of heart. Two lots of heart actually!
  13. mz_puss

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    Today I had a share pack of mint M&Ms - and I didn't have to share it!!
  14. mz_puss

    What do you like about the previous poster? Part Trois!

    Azerty always leaves me the loveliest photo compliments xXx
  15. mz_puss

    Australian Introduction thread...

    Meeee!!! I'm so crap tho I keep forgetting to post the info for Pounce in here. But ill do it now. Hopefully a few of the lovely Dimms members will be able to attend :0)
  16. mz_puss

    Aussie BBW Feature on Today Tonight

    I spent a good 3 Hours before shooting this video drilling the interviewer, to see if he had any hidden agenda and made sure that it would all come off positive. I even left that night with his personal contact details and told him Id hunt him down if this came out badly lol. He was a lovely guy...
  17. mz_puss

    What do you like about the previous poster? Part Trois!

    The fact that she still loves me, even though im crap and don't call her as often as I should !
  18. mz_puss

    Melbourne BBW Club Night : POUNCE !

    The next POUNCE is on the 6th of October! Hopefully you can make it :)
  19. mz_puss

    Melbourne BBW Club Night : POUNCE !

    You're welcome lovely lady, Ill post one here every month, Hopefully we see you at the next one :)
  20. mz_puss

    Melbourne BBW Club Night : POUNCE !

    Hello lovely ladies and gents. I want to see you all at POUNCE. Its Melbourne's First Regular BBW club night! The next one is on the 1st of September and its going to be huge! Whole Lotta Love Bar holds this awesome event, usually on the last Saturday of every month. ( however this next...