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  1. Carl1h

    Cooking with Coconut Oil

    I can't find my source to link it, but last time I made clarified butter I poured the melted butter in a container with an inch or so of water in the bottom and then put it in the fridge. The solids sank and the clarified butter floated and hardened and was easily removed. You can either skim...
  2. Carl1h

    Cooking with Coconut Oil

    Mostly I use peanut oil, which I blame on an early addiction to the Frugal Gourmet. The only other oil I keep all the time is olive oil, it has many uses. That's pretty much it aside from the occasional other oil that strikes my fancy. I had the same ideas about the unhealthiness of coconut...
  3. Carl1h

    The brokeass eating thread! (No ramen allowed.)

    Speaking of cheap cuts of meat, pork loin is often the cheapest meat where I shop. I buy a big one then multi use it: Cut off a chunk to brine and roast. Cut off some chops to pan fry with a light coating (not too thick of a cut, they can be tough). Run the rest through my meat grinder with...
  4. Carl1h

    homemade mustard

    You just convinced me to go buy some anchovies.
  5. Carl1h

    I just discovered hummus

    I love hummus, my first thought on trying hummus was that it would make a great pizza sauce replacement. Sadly it did not, but I still love it, especially with some baba ghanoush.
  6. Carl1h

    Do you eat the parts you aren't supposed to?

    A Japanese woman I once knew taught me this recipe for pickling eggs: Hard boil and peel the eggs. Mix equal parts of beer, vinegar and soy sauce in a pan, put in the eggs and bring to a boil. Let cool then store the eggs in the brine in the fridge. They'll be good in a couple days and...
  7. Carl1h

    homemade mustard

    It happens that I have some dried cranberries, I guess I'll add them to my next mustard batch. This worcestershire sauce recipe really intrigues me. I don't use a lot of worcestershire sauce, but I might try making some anyway.
  8. Carl1h

    Dips and Sauces....or even just plain dipping sauces!

    My current favorite is ranch dressing made from the mix, with buttermilk. Bottled ranch is so disappointing after having some made from the mix, i pretty much don't eat it unless it's the only choice.
  9. Carl1h

    homemade mustard

    Anyone making their own mustard? I have been making some and I have been pretty happy with the results except that I haven't quite gotten the vinegar background tang that I want. As far as price goes, it probably doesn't cost me much more than a buck to make a cup of mustard. Here's what I...
  10. Carl1h

    Homemade Bread

    I almost always use water for making bread, no milk at all. If it isn't rising it is something to do with the yeast. I've never used a bread machine, high temperature should make it rise faster, I get a slow rise when the temperature is low and then I let it rise to a certain volume no matter...
  11. Carl1h

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    You mean I could get away with claiming I had a mandolin when I only have a ukulele?
  12. Carl1h

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    It's really hard to post this without a paragraph of disclaimers, but here it is, my first and likely last contribution to the nekkid pics thread.
  13. Carl1h

    The brokeass eating thread! (No ramen allowed.)

    When I need to eat super cheap I turn to cabbage and onions and eggs. Saute a chopped onion in some butter or oil until it's brown, add water and some chopped cabbage (extra flavorings here could be stock, wine, beer instead of some of the water). Once it's boiling and the cabbage is however...
  14. Carl1h

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I confess that I dreamt that at the end of the last Harry Potter movie, Harry and Voldemort agreed to televised reality show contest, rather than fighting. The dream didn't say what sort of contest, but my secret hope is for one like Dancing With the Stars.
  15. Carl1h

    PC Gamers

    FPS, mostly Killing Floor with some TF2 thrown in. Civ 5 for the strategy game needs, and I occasionally drop in on friends playing LotRO if I want an MMO.
  16. Carl1h

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I confess that I only came here because my gaming computer is down and I am bored. Also, it didn't take me long to find a thread to remind me of how things are here.
  17. Carl1h

    Good work shoes for fat guys?

    I usually end up here to buy shoes: http://www.wideshoes.com/catalog.cfm I'm not in a populated enough area that would allow me to go to a store and find shoes in my size, so I pretty much have to shop on the internet, which isn't as good as trying things on in a store.
  18. Carl1h

    Big College Decision!

    You're always more likely to find an FFA in a larger city. As far as the big university versus small university thing goes, if you like to be able to study a wide range of topics then you want UNM. If you want the more personal touch from a small university and are studying things that ENMU...
  19. Carl1h

    The way he always said he wanted to go.

    I was reminded this morning of a man who had died while camping in the desert of Nevada in the summer. Long story short, the desert killed him. The family took solace in that he died doing something he loved to do even though he knew it was dangerous, camping in the desert. I hope, that...
  20. Carl1h

    What do you love about fat?

    This gave me a very amusing visual of the state fair scenes from the movie done with fat men instead of pigs and crowds of women singing, "fine swine, wish he were mine."