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  1. Bama

    Size acceptance... really?

    I think that a lot of people that say they have a fat fetish are using the word "fetish" to replace "preference". I know that there are many people that have a preference for women with big breast, small breast, big butts, skinny bodies, fat bodies, big feet, small feet, wide hips, slim hips...
  2. Bama

    wearing jeans under or over belly?

    You make a good point. The type of top really makes a big difference. If the top is tucked in (t-shirt, polo type shirt), then probably over, but, if it's more of a blouse type top, I would lean towards under. In a blouse type top, both the belly and the top should be free to hang loose.
  3. Bama

    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    That's why he looked so familiar. I watch a lot of comedy and stand-up and he looked so familiar. I think I may have seen him on something or doing some stand-up.
  4. Bama

    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    I would watch just to see Aidy Bryant. She's a beauty queen. Gorgeous.
  5. Bama

    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    Go Omega Mu's! They were the hottest and prettiest girls in the movie.
  6. Bama

    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    That was outstanding! The timing was perfect, it wasn't overtly sexual, and it wasn't demeaning to the actress or females. If anything, it showed just how dependent men are on women. This guy needed a woman to come to his rescue. She just happened to have a big booty and was sexy.
  7. Bama

    Celebrity fatties

    Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. When they were at their biggest, they were looking their sexiest and most beautiful.
  8. Bama

    Celebrity fatties

    I was watching an old McBride movie (McBride: It's Murder Madame), and about halfway in one of the most beautiful women that I had completely forgotten about appeared. Lindsay Hollister. In the movie she was really big but that movie was released back in 2005. She has since lost quite a bit of...
  9. Bama

    When I was younger ....

    Oh yes, the rotary phone. Even the old cell phones were bricks. I remember the old cell phones would list their battery weight in lbs. Either phone could be used as a weapon in a dangerous situation.
  10. Bama

    When I was younger ....

    When I was younger we had MUSIC on MTV (Music Television). Now we only have reality shows on MTV.
  11. Bama

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    That's good too.
  12. Bama

    The Official Joke Thread :D

    That's a good one. That's some Rodney Dangerfield type stuff right there.
  13. Bama

    Things we break - New Stories 03.01.2018

    Good point. The indicated limits are usually for liability purposes and to prevent a company from having to replace a product if an item is used in excess of listed limits. Most items won't break as soon as you go 1lb over the weight limit or spoil on the 1st day after the "best if used by"...
  14. Bama

    "My BF Is Obsessed With Obese Girls He Forced Me To Be One"

    I call B.S. If the video is true, she needs to take some responsiblity too. When I was in high school, I could take my gf out to eat at a fast food restaurant but if I took her on an actual date to a fast food restaurant, I might get 1 more chance to make that mistake again. After high school...
  15. Bama

    Things we break - New Stories 03.01.2018

    I'm not sure about really crappy. I have a really great one and it has a limit of only 600lbs. So many of these companies make products designed to be used by the "average" size consumer. Many of the queen size only support 400-500lbs. You put 2 real people on there and you're over the limit.
  16. Bama

    wearing jeans under or over belly?

    I miss pants and shorts under the belly too. I very much prefer to see the belly and muffin top hanging over the waistline. Skinny chicks show skin and belly, fat chicks should too. Fat girls should put on a pair of Daisy Dukes and a baby tee or a tank top and celebrate their sexiness. And a fat...
  17. Bama

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Nothing for you to worry about, you look beautiful. Very pretty.
  18. Bama

    I need help gaining/ tips

    Try drinking a gainer shake with 1 or 2 or 3 or more of your meals each day. Weight lifters that are trying to bulk up will drink them because of the high calories but if you are sedentary, then you'll likely just gain weight. An example is Super Mass Gainer by Dymatize, available at The Vitamin...
  19. Bama

    FA Dating Frustrations

    You said that you were on a date. I'm wondering if this guy might be a closet FA. He likes fat girls, just not in public. He doesn't mind going out with you and eating dinner with you because hopefully there's a prize at the end of the night, as long as he doesn't have to be seen holding hands...
  20. Bama

    Getting tired....anyone else too?

    Thank you for replying. That was very kind that you took the time to reply to each of us individually. I was so worried about you when you hadn't posted for so long. I was worried that something may have happened to you. I am very happy that you are ok and I hope that things are going better for...