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    weight limits for six flags theme park/waterpark nj?

    okay i just had to tell you guys. i went on rolling thunder and seriously had to squeeze. the lap bar almost didn't close over my belly and i almost got stuck in there. so after that i refused to go on any other coasters. i went on the log flume with my bf and he has super long legs and i was...
  2. T


    is fat too, but she's always trying to get in shape cuz she used to be hekka thin before she had kids. she doesn't give me gruff, thankfully, and seems pretty souped that she gets all my old clothes that i've grown out of. lol
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    weight limits for six flags theme park/waterpark nj?

    yeah that's why log flume is the best... water + no lap bar or anything. also i totally didn't notice your white text til i quoted and lollllll
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    weight limits for six flags theme park/waterpark nj?

    thanks so much for that link!!! tester seats sound awesome. okay...i think i'm in pretty good shape here.
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    weight limits for six flags theme park/waterpark nj?

    ahh yes thanks for the tip. i just remember when i was younger and idk how big i was but most rollercoaster seats were ridiculously tight and i would have a hard time getting the bar to close over my thighs?? i think i will be okay, i might not even ride any coasters since i'm a ginorm baby but...
  6. T

    weight limits for six flags theme park/waterpark nj?

    i know no one here takes me seriously anymore but srsly bear with me, this is no joke: i'm sure this has been asked a billion times but i really don't feel like searching... so, what's the deal with being fat and rollercoasters? i think i'm going this weekend. you have all seen me. i know...
  7. T

    Baby Ivy Is Here!!!!!!!

    CUTTTEEEE, congrats :happy:
  8. T

    Things I just made...

    those look AWESOME. i would completely pay you to make me a wicked awesome bathing suit with either an obnoxious ugly floral print or cupcakes.
  9. T

    BBW Roll Call: Ladies, Represent!

    haha i still have to take those boys out for a test run, NAHMEEN
  10. T

    BBW Roll Call: Ladies, Represent!

    Name: jen Age: 22 this september Location: nj Profession: professional job-seeker Hobbies: giving my cat treats, reading five books at once, swimming for hours Likes: glade's custard & apple candle, editing Dislikes: mosquito bites, unemployment About me: trying to invent ice cream taco...
  11. T

    What are you wearing right now?

    what i'm wearing to eat pinkberry with gabi of youngfatandfabulous.com. tanktop, skirt (actually a modified dress) and belt are from the target. cardigan is from american apparel. only wearing it because it looks like it's going to rain.
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    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    just checking in................;)
  13. T

    What's Your BBW Fantasy?

    i'm dating him never fails to make me swoon, and he's pretty much the nicest boy ever
  14. T

    You're too small.

    any guy who tells a girl she's too small is a real douche. i bet he would get in a real tizzy if a girl insinuated the same about him. amirite "At some point you realize you don't need to be attractive to all men, just one that you want to be with and it stops mattering." that is also too...
  15. T

    Dim Bash Thread - The Feeder/Feedee Lifestyle

    my ass is too fat for that :(
  16. T

    Dim Bash Thread - The Feeder/Feedee Lifestyle

    idk it's pretty hard to be original, especially here. you post pictures of yourself in belted dresses and next thing you know, everyone is wearing them. i guess i will go back to jeans.
  17. T

    Post a picture of your desktop.

    nice and simple. andrew bird<3
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    this is what i look like lately: so in other words, drunk 75% of the time
  19. T

    Cake binge fetish...

    yes. No one has Ever lied. every GIRL who say's she is a f"feedee" IS!!!!! I LOVE AMERICA. God Bless all Pay-Site Modell
  20. T

    Cake binge fetish...

    my Aunt has this fetish and One time when I was Watering the Grass, i saw her binging a Cake and I was Extremely Aroused. and I couldn't Even do Anything be/c I was about to Get a Hair cut....How awakeward. Does Any One Have Any Advice For Me.