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  1. BlueDrewTN


    No one's really stared, or pointed, or asked odd questions. I don't have any video of the fatsuits in motion, but they do well enough, I think. I watch Chris when he walks and moves about and I don't see anything that might give it away.
  2. BlueDrewTN


    Thank you! Here's 3 other shots; same padding but different clothes. This is mostly what it looks like when I go out padded, or Chris goes out padded.
  3. BlueDrewTN


    I started as a kid, padding with pillows, sheets, towels, blankets- all i various combinations to try and get the size or shape I liked. Into my teens, I started layering clothes and then padding over that, but it wasn't any fun outside of winter season. I moved on to padding to look as...
  4. BlueDrewTN

    The show your face/introduction thread

    hello everyone. i am a gainer (gwm) into encouraging, and padding. I've been a part of other online forums since 1995 or 1996. Moderator of DHTnGutGroup, and Temp-Mod of other yahoo groups geared for Male Padders. i am a guy who pads to be a bigger guy, though i do know of some men who pad to...
  5. BlueDrewTN


    Male padder here, with several different padding items. been around on bellybuilders, BeefyFrat since 1996 or so; also am moderator of DHTnGutGroup on yahoo. and Temp-Mod of MaleBellyPadders and MBP2 and 3 on yahoo as well. Just started today on the boards here; hope to be able to work up some...