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  1. OneFAsView

    The Ohio BBW Network

    If you’ve not already, I suggest you check to the Ohio BBW YouTube Channel. The videos are interviews with women whom he comes across on social media and the BBW/FA forums, hosted by a gentleman known as the Anonymous Author (a.k.a. Anonymous Rapper). Most of the women interviewed include...
  2. OneFAsView

    Jeri Carmichael.

    So sad to learn. She was one of the original Dimensions models when the paper magazine was published, as I recall.
  3. OneFAsView

    A frank discussion

    My wife was at similar age, height, and about 200 lbs less than you when she was determined to be in a pre-diabetic condition. She opted for WLS, took to daily exercise, and now lost about 100 pounds. She is no longer in any danger zone health wise, she has stopped using her CPAP, and is much...
  4. OneFAsView

    Confused teen (follow-up from post many years ago)

    The term for radio talk show calls “first time caller, long time listener” is not far from the truth for me. I’ve followed this forum from its inception, yet under my handle I’ve posted infrequently. My old work schedule contributed to my lack of time to post for many years. I’ve downshifted...
  5. OneFAsView

    funny named towns

    Truth or Consequences, NM
  6. OneFAsView

    Sub/dom connotations?

    I think the OP is on to something essential about FAs. For many, it is a form of a sub/dom relationship without the need of the sadistic/masochistic element.
  7. OneFAsView

    I feel horrible

    Marlayna is spot on – it sounds like you are probably in your 20s, and your mention of the social stigma issue is one that goes away with your maturation. Now, on the health issue, that is actually a mature position to consider, and you should be commended for that. However, it should not by...
  8. OneFAsView

    Louie and the Fat Girl

    So, my bad...after posting this, I see further below that this topic has already come up! I will go back to "not posting" for awhile!
  9. OneFAsView

    Louie and the Fat Girl

    So, apparently, I have not posted in the forums for several weeks, and some Web software suggested I take a few moments to engage in conversation!:) I remember when first hearing that Jerry Seinfeld was getting a TV show back in the late 80s, and thinking that I would not watch it. I...
  10. OneFAsView

    Coming Out of FA Closet - Worse Experiences

    This is an excellent post in describing one dimension of reaction. What you described is the "range of reaction", and as far as "range" goes, sure #4 is best. But I think far more important is the "depth of reaction". The depth of reaction deals with how significant that piece of news seems...
  11. OneFAsView

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    Wonderful pictures, congratulations to you too... But on that picture with you two about to French Kiss the metal pole in winter, be careful..didn't you ever see "A Christmas Story"???? :D
  12. OneFAsView

    Before better than After

    You make a valid point, in that us FAs are bias towards bigger figures, which is true. Generally, in weight loss ads before and after, the "B" picture often shows the person looking frumpy, not smiling, where the "A" picture shows better posture, big smile etc. There are six pics in the...
  13. OneFAsView

    FA first post

    Hi, bigdawg2005, glad you decided to post. You indicated you were not looking for advice, but as I read your post, I could not help but wonder how much of this have you shared with your wife. You never mentioned if you have told her what you have shared with us, especially the "more...
  14. OneFAsView

    Courageous beauty: BRITTANY GIBBONS TED@BGSU

    This TED discussion seems appropriate for this board. If you are not familiar with them, TED talks provide some of the most insightful, educational, and entertaining discussions on the WWW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBrKgUR_iyQ
  15. OneFAsView

    BBW/SSBBW Pioneers (Layla LaShell, Teighlor)

    Reading up on the passing of BBW actress/model named Layla LaShell (sic) made me think of a topic for which I've not found a prior thread. Research on the Internet has not yielded relevant information. I can't seem to create a good search term that doesn't result in pages of results titled...
  16. OneFAsView

    how do i talk to other FA(and FFA)s...

    FABrony, you are very welcome here. Bullying is a terrible thing, but the good news as you get older, most adults move into a society where that type of abuse is history. Adding to the fact that you have an FA preference, and family situation, I can understand your situation. Based...
  17. OneFAsView

    Today is my wedding day

    Congratulations, and best wishes to you. As a man, allow me to offer advice to the groom: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9gbnd_cab-calloway-don-t-falter-at-the-al_music#.UUnJ9hysiSo
  18. OneFAsView

    Rex Reed Ripped for Calling Melissa McCarthy 'Tractor-Sized' in Review

    In case you did not already hear of this: Rex Reed Review: Identity Thief Melissa McCarthy's size is referenced four times during the article. Not having seen the movie, I poked at a few other reviews to get an idea of movie itself. The good news for us fans of Melissa is that the movie does...
  19. OneFAsView

    An FA

    AnFA, I can relate to your issues, being a fellow hetero male BBW lover. You highlighted the three issues that many FAs deal with at some point in their lives: One: Coming to terms with your preference for bigger women. Two: The FA in a relationship with a non-BBW. Three: Feeding...
  20. OneFAsView

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Name: Jimmy Location: Austin Profession: Information Technology Architect Music: I’ve played guitar since age 12, and like to play Gypsy Jazz, swing, pop, and classic rock standards. I listen to pretty much everything; orchestral (Bach, Tchaikovsky), swing classics (Louis Armstrong...