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  1. GoodDaySir

    Fighting Federal Tyranny

  2. GoodDaySir

    Who do you want for president 2016?

    There is one candidate who is worthy of everyone's vote. RAND PAUL. He will be in the next debate, while Trump boycotts.
  3. GoodDaySir

    Fighting Federal Tyranny

    Lavoy Finicum was married with 11 foster children. He was not the scary white man terrorist some of you think. I bet some of you sickos are glad he was murdered. I've also read that he was unarmed and his hands were up. [this post has been modslapped.]
  4. GoodDaySir

    cooking shows

    I love Pioneer Woman. She just seems so freakin nice!
  5. GoodDaySir

    What Are You EATING right now?

    Well Im boiling a few eggs for egg salad, but I also want some leftover meatloaf, but maybe I'll save that for dinner. I also have a packet of instant mashed potatoes someone gave me and I want to whip those up and then make potato pancakes. But I also want a slice of chocolate cake that my dad...
  6. GoodDaySir

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    Had sex last night that was so good, I cried. I had a crazy orgasm and just cried. Is that weird? It was just like a very overwhelming thing. A happy overwhelming thing. He was still on top of me, doing his thing and I just held him tight and cried into his shoulder. What an amazing feeling-...
  7. GoodDaySir

    Why I Want a Gun

    Sometimes, it isnt so obvious.
  8. GoodDaySir

    Why I Want a Gun

    Oh fuck off. I posted it here because I have been a member of this place for 10 fucking years and there are plenty of people on all sides of the political spectrum who I respect and admire. I dont fucking like reddit and I didnt want to go sign up for some other forum to ask for advice once. So...
  9. GoodDaySir

    Why I Want a Gun

    Guys, I started this because Im new to firearms and wanted advice. I want to protect myself. I have had terrible things happen in the past. I dont want them to happen again. This is so fucking shitty.
  10. GoodDaySir

    Why I Want a Gun

    She's definitely ONE of them. I swear I've never seen more "tolerant" people lash out at those who have differing opinions. BUT THIS THREAD ISNT FUCKING ABOUT THAT.
  11. GoodDaySir

    Why I Want a Gun

    Ladies, this thread is about me getting a gun. Thats it. Stop with the annoying bickering.
  12. GoodDaySir

    Alan Rickman

    For quite a few years during my childhood, I watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves RELIGIOUSLY. Alan was great as the Sheriff, cause he was kinda scary and mean, but also an idiot, and some of his scenes were just hilarious. He was also a major role in Michael Collins, as Eamon De Valera, a...
  13. GoodDaySir

    Fighting Federal Tyranny

    Its true. Im a Libertarian and Im bulimic.
  14. GoodDaySir

    Fighting Federal Tyranny

    Do you even have a real stance on issues? You flip-flop more than the President.
  15. GoodDaySir

    Obama's Legacy

    You don't have to vote for either of them, you can write-in whoever you choose. Shit, you don't have to vote at all.
  16. GoodDaySir

    How to handle a hot-head?

    Anyone?? ?
  17. GoodDaySir

    How to handle a hot-head?

    For any of you managers and bosses out there, do you ever come across an employee who gets defensive really quickly? Short story time: A friend of mine is a dept. manager with a small company, where his dad is a big boss and a LOT of his family members have been employed at. One of my...
  18. GoodDaySir

    Alan Rickman

    How could one even do that?
  19. GoodDaySir

    Alan Rickman

    has died. Damn. I loved him in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. He was a badass, but still bumbling Sheriff of Nottingham. For a whole generation, he's simply Severus Snape. How cool is that?? Action fans loved him as Hans Gruber, rom-com fans loved him in Love, Actually. What an...
  20. GoodDaySir

    Raising the age for buying cigarettes

    I KNOW its the truth. I didnt say it wasn't. But Im not talking about store owners denying sales to individuals- I never was. So, you can keep going on about it, but it really has nothing to do with what my original post is about.