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  1. Blackbean

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Not looking forward to 58. :confused:
  2. Blackbean

    Marijuana and gaining

    For me its always hit or miss, last night was a miss, but I think this is true of many things in life, fruit isn't always sweet...
  3. Blackbean

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Long night/morning/night....
  4. Blackbean

    Marijuana and gaining

    I haven't first hand but someone I knew who was a regular smoker had a pal that ate some gummies & ended up just rolled up in a ball in bed for like 8 hours in a not very peasant state of mind, he told me this as a bit of a warning as when I decided to dip back in a bit when the state north of...
  5. Blackbean

    Marijuana and gaining

    That's Like DMT vs. full on acid trip in duration.
  6. Blackbean

    Marijuana and gaining

  7. Blackbean

    Marijuana and gaining

    Also they last forever I hear compared to smoke/vaping which is a negative in my book.
  8. Blackbean

    Marijuana and gaining

    Don't know if its me but is seems different now, its like 2 hours & its done, which is more like DMT or something in duration, which I personally like more than booze as its cleaner with less residual effects.
  9. Blackbean

    Marijuana and gaining

    I go back to the 70's so there was less, just occasionally started dry herb vaping for the first time this century early 20, yeah much different now.
  10. Blackbean

    Marijuana and gaining

    Depends on the strain I like the less sleepy/couch lock sorts, don't get munchies if I vape after a meal & sex is a major perk if not prime incentive. 👍
  11. Blackbean

    Olt timer stories

    There was a Wayback Machine link to the old archive, that is no longer hosted here, but I can't find it now could somebody please post it?
  12. Blackbean

    Need help tracking down a story

    The old library went the way of good WG to fiction seemingly extinct.
  13. Blackbean

    Ye Olde Library link removal

    Appropriate but deadly boring.
  14. Blackbean

    Secret Fattening

    A sadly dying genre of fiction.
  15. Blackbean

    Two friends, one gets fat, the other looses weight

  16. Blackbean

    Top 3?

    Likely banished from the internet methinks.
  17. Blackbean

    Taking OCD meds got rid of my fetish

    I like to be OCD so I doubt that I will have this result.