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  1. Qit el-Remel

    Sensitive terminology

    I tend to use the word "fat" unless I know for a fact that some otherwise body-positive individual is touchy about it. My reasoning is as follows: The O-words are inherently insulting. "Overweight," as mentioned above, implies that something is "wrong" with you; "obese" is a presumption on...
  2. Qit el-Remel

    Weight of the nation (HBO)

    I've seen part of it, for the purpose of critique. And from what I've seen so far, this review is fairly accurate: Not enough focus on the food industry; way too much body-shaming in the name of "concern." Also, I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the claim that BMI was about "body fat...
  3. Qit el-Remel

    Britain's fattest teenager regains 16st (224lbs) in 16 months...

    After reading the article over at HuffPo, I'm going to have to agree with pretty much all of this.
  4. Qit el-Remel

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    ...okay, there was a rather obvious clue that I should have caught. :doh:
  5. Qit el-Remel

    BHM Cravats and Coat Tails - by Xyantha (~BHM, ~~WG, Romance)

    Gonna have to second Atwolfe: take all the time you need. Some things are more important than stories, and this is one.
  6. Qit el-Remel

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    Bringing this one over here now, then? Awesome! :D (I've so figured something out re: one of the later chapters, by the way...)
  7. Qit el-Remel

    BOTH "525" - by agouderia (SSBHM, ~XWG, ~BBW, Dining)

    Official Crowning Moment of Awesome. Just saying.
  8. Qit el-Remel

    What kind of Weight Gain Stories do you like?

    Going to have to agree with this. And for the record: I like the idea of the lifetime dieter saying "to hell with that," gaining weight as a result, coming to terms with it, and being happier in the end. It just works somehow.
  9. Qit el-Remel

    Britain's fattest teenager regains 16st (224lbs) in 16 months...

    What I have to say has already pretty much been covered here. But here goes, anyway: There are all sorts of cries for help here that don't seem to be getting heeded. Yes, the fact that she's overeating is an issue, but it's only one issue among many and shouldn't be the sole focus.
  10. Qit el-Remel

    Toxic Fat

    Hasn't this been known for a while now? Even so, it's good that the information may be getting out there a bit more.
  11. Qit el-Remel

    BHM His Kitten - by SlightlyMorbid (~BHM, Romance)

    ....ewwwwww, Martin is such a scuz.
  12. Qit el-Remel

    BHM Anna's Friend - by Starling (~BHM (Multiple), ~FFA (multiple), Romance)

    All of your characters are so...well, imperfect and flawed and human. I approve.
  13. Qit el-Remel

    BOTH "525" - by agouderia (SSBHM, ~XWG, ~BBW, Dining)

    Okay, I won't say that I didn't see that twist coming...but I didn't see it as early as I probably should have. :doh:
  14. Qit el-Remel

    BOTH "525" - by agouderia (SSBHM, ~XWG, ~BBW, Dining)

    Okay, now I'm all the more intrigued. Look what you've gone and done. ;)
  15. Qit el-Remel

    Overnight Miracle -by Jerry Thomas (~BBW, ~BHM, Fantasy, Revenge, ~XWG)

    That is absolutely evil. I'm reminded of Stephen George's short story "Overeaters Ominous," only less...well, ominous and a hell of a lot funnier. :D
  16. Qit el-Remel

    Li'l Abner

    Could've sworn there was one where Abner gets fat on mud mushrooms as well.
  17. Qit el-Remel

    What Are You Most Attracted To?

    Out of those, I'd have to go with shape and proportion.
  18. Qit el-Remel

    World of Warcraft (WoW) - Fat Friendly Guilds! :D

    Female worgen...disappoint me. Cartoony puppies with eyeshadow. Oh, well; sticking to draenei and dwarves Ally-side, then. And yeah, I was also a lot more excited about the patch than about the xpack itself.
  19. Qit el-Remel

    Drew Carey

    This bugs me!
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