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  1. A

    BBW Sisters

    This story definitely needs to continue. (Sorry for getting people's hopes up by posting this)
  2. A

    The Trainer - by Uncle Jack (~BBW, ~~WG)

    Would love to have this continue.
  3. A

    SNL Skit - Sir Mix A Lot's Photo Shop

    Aww, too bad Hulu.com isn't available in Canadaland!
  4. A

    Catch The Fat - Scientists suggest obesity can be caught like cold

    I do realize that a mere ten participants in such a study is not nearly enough for showing true scientific results, but I find the idea and general notion of it quite interesting - and I'm curious to see what the results of any future studies might be.
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    Catch The Fat - Scientists suggest obesity can be caught like cold

    They actually featured this on the BBC Horizon documentary 'Why are thin people not fat?', and it seems like a legitimate idea. They make it very clear that it doesn't cause people to get fat, only that obese people are more likely to have it. It's an interesting documentary on the whole...
  6. A

    Luanne III: Off to Fat Camp? - by Scx (~BBW, Eating, Explcit Sex, ~MWG)

    Can you believe I'm still waiting for a continuation of this story? ^^