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    BHM The Untouchables (SSBHM, Romance, Karma)

    This is already becoming one of the best stories I've read and I look forward to every new update!
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    WG that includes height gain

    Thanks y'all! This one is one of my favorites, if anyone finds this thread and wants similar recommendations: http://buttcrust.deviantart.com/art/Rose-and-Mike-345399982
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    WG that includes height gain

    I'm not picky. I've read a few gts stories but it's the weight gain that's the icing on the cake, you know? Technically my favorite is slight height + muscle gain, but if I started demanding all those things I'd have nothing to read.
  4. A

    Feed Me (Part One) by Emma Finn

    Yeah I kinda got the same feeling. Sure, he didn't verbally or physically abuse her but talking her in to gaining weight without actively saying so, getting upset whenever she tried to say what she wanted, making her feel like she doesn't need anyone beside him. All of these things together...
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    Favorite Cliches/Over the Top Scenes

    No I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed a story about a woman eating so much she literally became bigger than the size of earth. Unrealistic isn't always the same as bad.
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    Favorite Cliches/Over the Top Scenes

    The whole "drinking dozens of cups of cooking oil" thing is rather silly. I haven't tried drinking cooking oil but it seems to me that it's a thing most people would have a hard time drinking without vomiting. Squashing where the squasher is able to crush beds, benches, cars and even buildings...
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    WG that includes height gain

    Hello fellow readers! Aside from being a fan of weight gain stories (especially xwg) I do enjoy height differences, especially when they're brought on by a mixture of weight and height gain. I've seen a few stories that fall in to this category but sadly most stories star either a...
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    Has Board Traffic Decreased?

    I think one of the reasons why fewer stories, especially those with a tad more creativity and quality, is that it's a lot easier for good writers to get paid for their work now. With sites like patron it's easier to just put your story up behind a paywall and actually get people who are...