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    Changes to the Library Boards

    Please opt me in to everything. Thanks.
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    Your First Internet BBW

    Probably Cindy G. or Brie Brown. Hard to remember the very first. As for pre-internet, that would be Bridget in the Buff, the novelty calendar and jigsaw puzzle that Spencer's Gifts carried in the early 70's. That was more fat shaming / exploitation than appreciation, but a young FA couldn't be...
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    Looking for guhbone's Unexplained Additions

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    Looking for a Story

    The story is "Katy" https://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/threads/katy-by-the-studio-usbbw-eating-wg-formula-explicit-sex-squashing-xwg.9812/
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    What Smartphone are you using?

    Pixel 3xl, though I'm having second thoughts about the Google ecosystem as they seemingly stray farther from don't be evil.
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    The bar is open

    I miss Yuengling, wish I could get it in Texas. When I want something stronger I've grown fond of peated scotches. I've been enjoying Coal Isla 12 lately.
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    crazy fat related sayings you'd like to have on a t-shirt--if you had the gutz

    Curvy abundance. I'm not overweight, I'm ultrafeminine.
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    Looking for old stories

    #1 sounds like "Larger Every Day" http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35922 The other two aren't ringing any bells with me.
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    Fat Admiration Runs in the Family?

    I have one cousin who is married to a ssbbw. Of course there are 22 of us so that may be no higher than the average incidence of fat admiration, which is a statistic I have always wondered about.
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    Memorable Political Quotes

    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. George Orwell
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    Memorable Political Quotes

    I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat. Will Rogers
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    When did you first realize that FA exist?

    One Saturday in the summer after kindergarten my mother took us swimming. My sister was still in a basinet so I was playing by myself in the baby pool when the first extremely fat woman that I can recall seeing walked past on her way to the adult pool. It was electrifying; I couldn't tear my...
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    Political Images thread

    It would be an argumentum ad populum fallacy if I had used it as a premise to conclude that Sally's beliefs were incorrect but as you noted I said nothing about the validity of her beliefs. I will grant that all of Sally's beliefs are universal truths that would create a perfect society if...
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    Political Images thread

    I apologize for the rushed shorthand. Let me try to fix that. In my mind the essence of the scientific method is scrupulous honesty: a willingness to question one's own theories, root out unverified assumptions and reveal disconfirming evidence. If you have the time, read Richard Feynman's 1974...
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    Political Images thread

    The anti-scientific method rejects evil by rejecting reality. Granted some of reality is evil but it still has to be dealt with.
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    Political Images thread

    Sally has a preconceived idea of how the world should be. Sally ignores anything that discomfirms her beliefs. That's why Sally had no idea how Bob actually felt and lost the election.
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    What Issues are Most Important To You?

    Police/justice system reform and oversight... This is a biggie for me too. Also political reform: legislators are increasingly representing their donors rather than their constituents.
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    What Issues are Most Important To You?

    If the tax cuts that are supposed to create jobs are sticking to the fingers of officers and shareholders perhaps we should cut out the middle man?
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    What Issues are Most Important To You?

    I'll second the economy as a critical issue, but I'm beginning to doubt the wisdom of tax cuts. At some point we won't be able to maintain infrastructure. In the 50's when effective corporate tax rates were far higher we built the interstate highway system. Today the 7th largest city in Michigan...
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    Searching for a story

    "The Emir's Wrath" by Steve Gorden in Dims Stories