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    Unintentionally hot comments

    I was at a crowded bar, with a very densely packed crowd around the bar area, (before Covid) and I overheard a conversation between a bloke trying his hardest to chat this very fat Welsh lady up near the back. "He goes to her 'would you like a drink, she says "yes", he says "you'll have to come...
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    Your First Internet BBW

    Viva La Valerie and Jenni Bombshell for me, they had best asses on the net.
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    Ohhhhhh my first post! Your description prompted memories of my sociology teacher in sixth form, Not my first crush but certainly a memorable one. I remember a few years before I started sixth form, she was a pear shaped UK dress size 16/18 (size 14 in US money) she then dropped a load of...