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  1. L

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    I am doing the chorus in Carmen, which I’ve done before. Carmen is actually my voice type so I’ve learned all of her arias and use them for auditions and such, but I don’t think modern companies are going to cast a Carmen this curvy lol The other one is brand new, it was written as a Fringe show...
  2. L

    2018 Singles party (Single Dimmers Meet and Greet)

    Not overboard at all! :) Yes I perform with companies big and small here in Edmonton, we have a surprisingly good arts scene for being a northern city! Puppetry is so unique, how did you get into that? And do you have a favourite opera?
  3. L

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Well my summer is shaping up to be pretty exciting, I booked my first trip to NY, and I just started working at my local historical park. I play a 1920s lady, so I get to play ukulele and cross stitch/crochet all day while teaching guests about life in the 20s! I was also just cast in two operas...
  4. L

    2018 Singles party (Single Dimmers Meet and Greet)

    Hi fellow single people! My work and social circles are all in the arts, so I meet many wonderful gay men but not so many single straight guys! :P Dating apps are hit and miss, especially as a BBW, so I’m embracing the single life. I’m pretty independent and have lots of single female friends to...
  5. L

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Thanks Tad, it’s nice to be back! I have certainly been living my life to the fullest! :)
  6. L

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Hi all, I haven’t been here in years, but it’s been nice to visit again today and see that the positivity continues! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are people out there who like big bodies, and all the fat love and advice on here sure is encouraging! <3 Luthien, 29 from Canada. Keep...
  7. L

    25 things ...

    Such a sweet thought, I can tell you really love her! Congrats on 25 years! (And some of those points sounds like they have interesting back stories... Like the chocolate sauce tip :p)
  8. L

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Some of my girlfriends dragged me to Magic Mike XXL this past weekend. I'll admit it was surprisingly good, shockingly feminist, and I can't complain about the eye candy ;) The theatre was full of loud & happy ladies which made it extra fun!
  9. L

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    My tastes are wide ranging, but today I'm getting my geek on and I'm listening to LotR: Fellowship soundtrack! :)
  10. L

    What size are you all?

    Age: 26 Weight: hovering around 300 Height: 5'6 Waist: no idea Size: 22
  11. L

    What are your plans for this summer?!

    I love living in Edm during the summer! I avoid Kdays pretty much, sketchy rides + crazy crowds? No thanks! And I am a big fan of VIP theatres too! :)
  12. L

    Picture "Perfect"?

    Thanks for all the wonderful, well thought out responses everyone! ^I think I'm finally starting to really absorb that "cute and fat" is possible, but it takes time! I guess my realization was that in RL fat= bad but here fat=good and I have no pictures that actually show me being what I am...
  13. L

    #1 song when you were born

    Cool thread! For me it's Red, Red Wine by UB40 (great song!), in Oct 1988.
  14. L

    What book are you reading right now?

    Prudence (The Custard Protocol #1) by Gail Carriger. I love her books, they are fantastical steampunk Victorian mysteries with strong female characters, along with a few werewolves & vampires for good measure! Fun reads (and the protagonist of the Parasol Protectorate series is even pleasantly...
  15. L

    Picture "Perfect"?

    So I've noticed lately that very few of my photos contain the "real me", meaning I look slimmer than what I see every day in the mirror. I know how to dress for my body, stand a certain way, and heck, just delete bad pics to create the image of me that I want to portray (especially online). Now...
  16. L

    What are your plans for this summer?!

    Sounds like everybody has some awesome plans!! My city has TONS of festivals all summer, so I will be volunteering & attending Fringe fest, buskers fest, jazz fest, etc. for most of the summer. I'm only about 4 hours from the Rocky Mountains so there will be lots of weekends there, plus one...
  17. L

    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    ... Ursula is a huge (lol) part of your sexual awakening. (<-courtesy of my FFA best friend)
  18. L

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Hi all! I'm Luthien (online, real name Stephanie.) I'm a vegetarian opera singer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who loves tea, travelling, and Doctor Who. I've only recently discovered the wonderful fat positive community that is online & I look forward to lots of encouraging and engaging...