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  1. Undine

    BHM Yes (Parts 1-7) - by Starling (BHM, Romance, SWG)

    Just randomly talked to a guy named Parker and immediately had to come re-read this story for the zillionth time. Wherever you are, Starling, I hope you're still writing!
  2. Undine

    BHM Waistcoats and Wainscotting ~BHM, Historical Romance

    So, this gorgeous simile... *swoon* Bestill my poet's heart. I continue to be amazed and delighted by this story and your writing. :bow:
  3. Undine

    BHM Waistcoats and Wainscotting ~BHM, Historical Romance

    Oh wow. *starry eyes* I've been rooting for Geoffrey from the beginning, and now that I know more about Margaret I've basically just been metaphorically yelling "KISS ALREADY" at the screen of whatever device I'm (re)reading from at the time. You've developed such unique and nuanced...
  4. Undine

    BHM On Thin Ice - by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA, Romance)

    I've been lurking on this story and Ashley, you never fail to create amazing relationships and worlds. I love how convincingly their relationship evolves and all the little details and bits of back story we find out about these two SO. DAMN. MUCH.
  5. Undine

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    "Xander!" Lexi shrieked, not even bothering to shut the door of Jared's tiny Honda before she rushed to the porch and attacked him with a bear hug, her light freesia scent filling his head. "Hey, Lexi," he said, returning her embrace. "I missed you so frakkin' much," she told him, her...
  6. Undine

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    Hi, friends. Thanks for sticking with me for this - if I could personally hug every one of you who still reads this and checks up on it, believe me, I would. <3 <3 <3
  7. Undine

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    "Xander, would you please answer your pho- ohhhh." Ken's words drew out in surprise as he took in the scene in the guest bedroom. "His phone isn't ringing, Ken," Cee mumbled into Xander's soft chest, where she was tightly snuggled. Xander jumped guiltily and tried to sit up, but tanned...
  8. Undine

    BHM The Monstrosity (BHM, eating, stuffing, food)

    While the first part definitely could have been a lovely short story on its own, I'm very glad you're continuing with this. I personally find the gym environment totally intimidating, but strong fat guys kinda make me swoon. So thumbs up for Sam! (Also thumbs up for naming him Sam, because...
  9. Undine

    BHM Waistcoats and Wainscotting ~BHM, Historical Romance

    I literally gasped out loud when I saw that you'd posted this. I'm SO EXCITED!
  10. Undine

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    "Your color is beautiful, Pudge." Her warmth instantly awakened goose bumps on his skin, and he stared at her as she pulled the covers back up around them, his breath and about a thousand words caught in his throat. "I knew it wouldn't take you long to find it." "Cee," he managed to choke...
  11. Undine

    BHM Energetic Expansions ~BHM, ~~WG

    So happy I've finally had a chance to catch up on this. You weave together so many different threads so adeptly...I think this may be my favorite of your stories! Thank you for such a lovely read!
  12. Undine

    Revolutions (BBW, ~WG)

    I love that you've been exploring all these different perspectives in your stories lately. I'm excited to see where this one goes! Also, I am so jealous of your writing speed!
  13. Undine

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    Thank you so much for your kind words, everyone. I'm so grateful you guys are still enjoying this after all these years. :bow: He awoke in the dark hours of the morning to moonlight shining through his window, and gazed at the silvery smudge through the sheer curtains as his thoughts came...
  14. Undine

    BHM Xander - by Undine (~BHM, Intrigue, ~~WG)

    My number one goal for 2016 is to finish this damned story. Sorry for the unforgivable length of time it's taking me, and thanks for sticking around, friends. "Ling, please." He almost expected her to cross her arms and start tapping her foot, with the look she was giving him. "Absolutely...
  15. Undine

    BHM Reticules and Retinues by Xyantha Reborn (~BBW ~WG, Historical Romance)

    I just read this sitting at my desk at work and now I'm blushing like my life depended on it. Absolutely delicious!
  16. Undine

    BHM Reticules and Retinues by Xyantha Reborn (~BBW ~WG, Historical Romance)

    I am in awe of your ability to express so succinctly and elegantly things which I myself have turned over and over again in my head, trying to figure out. :bow: Also, thanks for bringing Geoffrey back. :wubu:
  17. Undine

    BHM Reticules and Retinues by Xyantha Reborn (~BBW ~WG, Historical Romance)

    Loving this. The dynamic between Harry and Clarice is fascinating, and for some reason I just really love Harry's aversion to corsets. Thank you for another wonderful chapter!
  18. Undine

    BHM The Main Line - by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA, Romance)

    I have no words for how absolutely beautiful this was and how much I appreciate your writing it. I'm literally crying right now. Thank you!
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