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  1. Tina

    Sandra Weber-Zitkus (1960-2016)

    Sandie deserved a lot better than she got, that's for sure. Beautiful, heartfelt post, lavender. I know Sandie would love this.
  2. Tina

    Any Fat Activists ? NO FETISHISTS!!

    Not any more, really. Look elsewhere if that's what you want. There used to be serious fat activism posts and discussions here, but that was many moons ago.
  3. Tina

    Sturdy Bed Frames

    There's something called "better than a box spring," and it works very well. It runs around $199.
  4. Tina

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    Trolls make red-herring-based accusations and twist words in order to derail and destroy. Don't feed the troll.
  5. Tina

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    Right. On. Wish I could rep you, Supero.
  6. Tina


    Conrad, my husband and I have a raclette and love it. We had a raclette party last year, and another friend with a raclette brought his over and we had them placed on the table, along with the cut up meat, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, pickles and a variety of other things. It was a lot of fun...
  7. Tina

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    I would think it would. Back when fat women in porn were just a joke, or didn't exist much at all, there was little validation of a fat woman's sexuality within that realm, or of the preference for the man who found her attractive above all others. It certainly does, if you look around enough...
  8. Tina

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    All fat porn is is an acknowledgment that some people are sexually attracted to fat women and that they like to have sex with fat women, or wish they could. THAT IS ALL. It is not a statement about how worthy a fat woman is, how intelligent she is, how kind she is, or how deserving of ACCEPTANCE...
  9. Tina

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    I will say that I know that for guys in particular, it can feel very validating to realize there's fat porn out there. In the 'olden' days, even moreso, because back then there weren't as many fat people, it wasn't as accepted to be with a fat person, and fat porn was more difficult to find, and...
  10. Tina

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    Pornography and Size Acceptance are absolutely two different things. If you've got someone who is sizeist and who discriminates against fat people in public, but who jerks off to fat porn in private, that does NOTHING to advance the rights or quality of life for fat people. It is positively...
  11. Tina

    A Sad Situation

    The problem is that you came to a forum with many fat people in it in order to use some false concern in order to say things that would offend many of the people here. You've done this numerous times in the past, in a variety of ways. Why still pretend to be surprised and clueless? That train...
  12. Tina

    New FA T-shirt line

    Wouldn't it be more ethical of you to just remove the ones you don't have permission for and then start over? Seems screwed up to just keep photos on there you have no permission for, and expect those you've stolen photos from to find you and ask you to remove them. You make it their...
  13. Tina

    Dear Conrad:

    The more I read of this murky mess the more I believe that Conrad made the right decision. Both parties seem pretty darned culpable to me, and how does he know exactly what the truth is? How does anyone but the two involved parties?
  14. Tina

    Fat women's 'bad' bits.

    Exactly. Too often it's those who dislike their own fat bodies and pick apart the things that make their bodies different from thin women's' bods, who think that those couldn't be the things that make them beautiful to those who love big bodies. This is an unfortunate focus, IMO.
  15. Tina

    FA Hate, how do you deal?

    If they're anti-fat, they don't actually respect you. You might have the illusion they do, but bigots do not respect that which they are bigoted against.
  16. Tina

    First monumental SSBBW in history

    A case of funnel vision? :rolleyes:
  17. Tina

    First monumental SSBBW in history

    Oh, what do you know, Angel? That it was removed only shows that humanity has regressed and society is doomed. We can already see that reading for comprehension has gone the way of the removed pic... *scratches head* *mumbles* I said it was porn? Where did I say it was porn...? or Phil's...
  18. Tina

    First monumental SSBBW in history

    I didn't say anything at all about Phil and wasn't talking about Phil at all. I know Phil well enough to know that he would never do such a thing. I also know that if there was such a pic, and it sounds like there was, whomever posted it (and I don't know who did post it) should not have. But...
  19. Tina

    First monumental SSBBW in history

    That sentence definitely should be thrown out. It was the right thing to do to take the picture down. If children cannot post here, their naked bodies should not be subjects of discussion, either, no matter when the painting was made. We are no longer in the dark ages... Supposedly.
  20. Tina

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    You look so happy, Lainey. I love that! And the earrings are fabulous on you. A great length! I love seeing your jewelry pics -- thank you so very much, darling woman. :wubu: :D T
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