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  1. lostinadaydream

    My Fat Attraction!!!

    My fat attraction comes from the fact that I'm a big guy and I love big girls. I could not be happy with a girl smaller and tinyer than me. I need much to feel, to cuddle, to enjoy. Loads and loads of fat, much much woman. Huge (a)mounts of squishy, soft fat to get excited.
  2. lostinadaydream

    SSBBWs, do you feel bad secretly?

    A humble question to you SSBBWs out there. A good (female) friend BBW told me some days ago, that no SSBBW can feel good and that you do only a show for your fans and supporters. That in reality all must feel very bad. What do you think, is this true? As a man who really loves SSBBWs, it's a...
  3. lostinadaydream

    FA Dating Frustrations

    Not only that many of the fat women around already have boyfriends. But also the ones I know have some self-esteem just in the foreground. In the background they all want to do or have done WLS which makes me wanna cry. They want to be loved but reject people which them really want and love...
  4. lostinadaydream

    "What ever happened to..."

    By the way: BBB - Big Booty Beauty hasn't postet anything lately? Is she still active or is she ok?
  5. lostinadaydream

    SummerG has passed away.

    Oh, that's very, very sad! :( My condolences! She was such a beautiful and wonderful person!
  6. lostinadaydream

    Susanne Eman

    I miss her, too! :(
  7. lostinadaydream

    What happened to Bighotbombshells?

    The sites seem to be abandoned? I miss Ruby, Jenny, Diva and many other beautiful woman!
  8. lostinadaydream

    Childhood FA/FFA-ness?

    I've been too attracted to big girls since I was very young. I remember when I was about 11 years old, at a neighbour class were a thick girl something about 200 lbs and I loved her much for her curves and softness. She were very womanly for her age and I admired her much!
  9. lostinadaydream

    FA Frustrations

    I've a lot of frustration when I just want to tell a big girl that I like her and why. It's just impossible! Even girls I know for a long time, over a decade now, who are used to my preference of bigger girls and who know that I like them chubby, are kind of upset when I try to tell them that I...
  10. lostinadaydream

    What is making you SAD right now...

    Where to write else but here? What makes me sad at the moment is that one of the most beatiful fat girls around I know recently did a WLS. She didn't seem to think of that like I knew her, but now she did. She was such a stunning, beautiful woman and every pound on her were just beautiful...
  11. lostinadaydream

    Patty Sanchez, drops 200+ pounds and gets rid of feeder boyfriend.

    Well, I can understand her, but I really liked her that big she was. She's such a beautiful womand and she has had such a lovely shape. She still has, by the way.
  12. lostinadaydream

    Rosie Mercado on Body Shamers, Haters & Her 200 Lb Weight Loss

    Well, it makes me sad that such a beautiful womanly girl that she has been is now thin like many others.
  13. lostinadaydream

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Very cute girl! :kiss2:
  14. lostinadaydream

    How fat do you like 'em?

    Very, very fat! Enough to be enclosed by her fat, wiggly arms. Fat enough for a wide load, wiggly fat ass, deep rolls and dimples all over to have fun with! A big soft stuffed belly, biiiig thigs... much much wiggly fat all over! :D
  15. lostinadaydream

    Arealfg (Ginagv) Passed 4-4-15

    That's sad, you have also my condolences. I knew her from my first days of internet when i found pics and stories of her and was truly impressed by her!
  16. lostinadaydream

    What is making you SAD right now...

    I know that feelings very well, too... :(
  17. lostinadaydream

    What is making you SAD right now...

    I'm very sad to see that, among many other beautiful fat women, the formerly beautiful gaining and sexy Pauline Potter is participating at the 600lb Life freakshow. Nontheless there are some nice captures which show her in an even heavier state. Too sad that she didn't share her heavier...
  18. lostinadaydream

    So, what's *your* favorite thing about a fat partner?

    There's so much about to love for me! Just to see a beautiful fat woman that is confident and gives one a warm smile, then her beautiful fat and wiggly body that pushes my heart rate, her moves and the own moves of her fat, just seeing all of that is such an arousing pleasure to me! And when I...
  19. lostinadaydream

    Carolyn Owens

    So sad to hear that, she was one of the first big women I found on the internet and she was a very beautiful one, too. May she rest in peace! :(
  20. lostinadaydream

    '600 Lb Life' to Feature Our Original 'Rock Star'

    Well, i'm rather sad to hear that a beloved icon of a woman and fat celebrator quietly sheds pounds (again) to counteract aims of fat acceptance. I don't believe the one and only "healthy" lifestile for all people, especially for supersized women, is to become a super thin and sporty person...
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