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  1. BeaBea

    My Unhealthy Diet? It got me this far...

    Hi, great article in the NYTimes :) I love to think of those good people still enjoying their lives and their indulgences! Tracey PS - Wasnt sure whether to post here or the Foodie Board, Mods, please feel free to move if appropriate.
  2. BeaBea

    Oscar Fashion...

    And the Oscar goes to? Who was your Red Carpet Winner? I loved all the red dresses that were around this year but for me, Halle Berry's dress was an absolute stand out. Its feminine and fluffy but she still makes it look current and sharp. The loser? Hmmm, nothing stood out as completely...
  3. BeaBea

    Britain's fattest teenager regains 16st (224lbs) in 16 months...

    With all due respect, if the weight gain is due to emotional factors then it might not be that simple as your dismissive comment about 'what she puts away.' There are plenty of people here who struggle with over-eating as an emotional response to stress who can testify to the fact that eating...
  4. BeaBea

    Britain's fattest teenager regains 16st (224lbs) in 16 months...

    I do agree up to a point, but I think its seriously shortsighted that people are focusing on the symptoms and not the cause. Someone needs to get to the bottom of why the weight has come back and then, once that is known, a strategy can be planned. Ideally the 'someone' will be Georgia...
  5. BeaBea

    Britain's fattest teenager regains 16st (224lbs) in 16 months...

    I want to start by saying how sorry I feel for this girl. For a 17 year old she seems remarkably mature and articulate but being a full time carer is an incredibly hard job to take on and my guess is she is just trying to cope the only way she knows how. The thing thats strikes me most about...
  6. BeaBea

    "I WISH they wouldn't do that..."

    I'd be delighted to see a rational defence of 'pull back a bit' as a tried, tested and universally foolproof method of weight control. Experience suggests however that I'm more likely to be labelled as being jealous of other more confident women. I guess we will see... Tracey xx
  7. BeaBea

    "I WISH they wouldn't do that..."

    I rarely post on Dimensions any more but still read an awful lot of it. To me this statement is offensive: Thats the same rubbish message that is shoved at me by Doctors, The Media, well meaning friends and family and random strangers in the street - and it genuinely IS what they think. They...
  8. BeaBea

    Super big 100inch hip sized panties WANTED!

    Hi I'm late to reply but yes, we do panties made to measure :) We make made to measure panties in absolutely any size and in 100% cotton or in cotton/lycra mix as you prefer. Pretty obviously we have experience of making BBW and SSBBW sized lingerie but the made to measure service we've...
  9. BeaBea

    The Photo Thief is at it again..

    Thanks Ruby, you're a star. I'm trying a different tack this time to try to resolve the situation. I wont say too much as I dont know who will be reading this but I will report back... Tracey xx
  10. BeaBea

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    Hmm, Lilly is gorgeous, BBM is crazy? Nope, nothing new here! :D Tracey xx
  11. BeaBea

    Death and such

    That's not what I said. There are no reasons I -cant- reveal everything here, but plenty of reasons why I -wont-. Are you getting the difference yet? I'll say it again in a slightly different way - its not a question of ability or willingness to express myself, just a question of where I share...
  12. BeaBea

    Death and such

    For someone who is all about the personal revelation you seem to spend a lot of time complaining about other peoples failings and very little actually addressing the issues yourself. Maybe you should just go ahead and say whatever it is that you feel needs to be said about 'supersize fatness'...
  13. BeaBea

    Death and such

    Likewise! Carrie for President, Angel for Vice President!
  14. BeaBea

    Death and such

    Amen to that, and to everything Butch said in fact. I agree, it would be a great thing, and also a worthwhile thing. What I strongly object to though is the suggestion that as an SSBBW it is in some way my duty. I think you should go right ahead. Post all the intimate and personal...
  15. BeaBea

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    Babe I think whoever is doing this is being horrible. Its bullying - pure and simple! Go into Formspring and change the setting that allows people to ask you anonymous questions! If they care about you and are TRUE friends they will ask questions openly and to your face. Anonymous questions...
  16. BeaBea

    Death and such

    Quite simply, it's because of posts like the one below. Twenty four pages of raw, honest, emotionally charged, sometimes heated debate and the response it draws from some people here is that you look great in your blue dress. You DO look great but :doh::doh::doh: Tracey
  17. BeaBea

    your personal funeral song

    Sorry Spirit, but I totally read that as 'Imagine John Lennon and this song' ie Lennon singing it :D I think that would ROCK!!! Lol Tracey xx
  18. BeaBea

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    I just listed a load of stuff on my local Freecycle board which is free to whoever wants to come and collect it. I listed a Pine sideboard complete with all the measurements and had a woman email me to ask me if it will fit in her car. She didnt bother to tell me what car she has or to check...
  19. BeaBea

    Why Can't You Men Communicate? I Mean Really Let Me Hear Your Excuses

    From my huge wealth of age and experiences <cough> I have so say the answer to this is probably 'Because they are men.' You might as well ask why they scratch their balls. More seriously, you just have to learn to love and accept the fact that men are different to women. If you present them...
  20. BeaBea

    2010 Singles Thread

    Single, and looking...
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