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    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Congrats on living it up ;)
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    Today I learned just how important regular pap smears are.

    I too hate having them done, but it's on my list as soon as I'm reinsured. Thanks for the push. Wishing you all the best!
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Mushrooms stuffed with the stems, ricotta, blue cheese, and walnuts. Plus some of my favorite baby sweet peppers roasted. Also, blue cheese stuffed olives, but they were disappointing.
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Romaine, sweet baby peppers, and English cucumber. Quickie dressing of half & half, blue cheese, mayo (tablespoon each), and salt & pepper. It was very tasty.
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Yes, blue cheese, walnuts, AND blueberries.
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    Flying Fat

    Thank you! One less thing to stress about :)
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    Flying Fat

    I may need to fly to Atlanta to Amsterdam. I suspect I'll fly Delta. Their current policy is: The part I'm freaking out about is 8 - 9 hours on a plane with a tiny bathroom. I've flown in the states a few times this year (I <3 Southwest) , but on short flights I can ignore the bathroom and...
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    Sliced thick, salt, pepper, garlic, oven roasted.
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    Pick a section that interests you and join the open conversation in one of the threads. Some of the threads have been ongoing for years, so to check out the most active, use the New Posts option on the menu above. Some folks stick to one board, others roam them all. Take some time to explore and...
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    I was just craving this!
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Thanks, my mother is a professional potter, though semi-retired now at 75.
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Chicken and cornbread dressing. So good!
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    The *%$#@ Off Fairy

    She blessed me at birth :)
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    Do you think that plus size acceptance has increased or decreased in today's society?

    Well fatness is certainly more common, so as a fat chick I am less likely to be the only fat person in a crowd. However, more fat people does not equal greater size acceptance. In reality, more fat people means the "acceptable" fat range has shifted. A woman can now be a bit larger than in...
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    What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

    I've had it with oysters and liked it, but I make a big batch so there will be leftovers, so oysters and dirty don't work well in that situation. I cook my cornbread thin in big sheet / jelly roll pans so there is a lot of crust, plus I chop the onions, celery, garlic, sage and cook them in...
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    What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

    Southern cornbread dressing made right, but I actually consider that the main course :) Collards are also a favorite.
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    Wait Watchers

    There is a presumption that if you are a fat woman, you owe it to the world to take care to dress in acceptable fat hiding clothes. If you run out to the grocery in capris and a tee, you are judged more harshly than a thinner chick in the same outfit, because you should know better than to wear...
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    Wait Watchers

    I think many of the looks are because she has the audacity to be a fat chick who isn't perfectly coiffed or well dressed. She's not fitting into the more 'acceptable' fat mold.
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    The trick to frying fish is using thin fillets, not overcrowding in the oil, and giving the oil time to come back up to heat between batches. The fish should pop back up to the surface almost immediately and be done in just a few minutes. They will continue to cook and get a little browner after...
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    Describing "Fat" in a way that is decent and preserves the dignity of others

    I'm fine with fat, but I try not to reference body types when describing people. If I really need to, I might say someone is a big guy, or a substantial woman.
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